Young Thug Blurs Gender Roles with New Mixtape Cover for “No, My Name is Jeffrey “

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Last night Atlanta rapper Young Thug released his anticipated mixtape “No, My Name is JEFFREY “with an album release party hosted by Youtube.  A live stream took place where fans and spectators who could not attend had the chance to view the live party and listen to the album via YouTube.  Young Thug shared a mixtape trailer where he looked tired and kept telling people, “No, my name is Jeffery.” Well that mixtape is here and  has already made quite the conversation.


“I named the songs after all my idols…” Young Thug wrote on Instagram.  While the tracklist is not the same as the one he originally posted, the mixtape includes songs named : “Wyclef Jean” ( one of my favorites), Gucci Mane (“Guwop”), Rihanna (“RiRi”), and most interesting, “Harambe”, (in honor of the gorilla who sparked controversy earlier this year  was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year). Thug’s original tracklist included a song called “Kanye West.” On the mixtape it was changed to “Pop Man,” which is just a renamed version of the previously shared “JOHN.”  While most of them have seemingly nothing to do with their namesakes it was definitely something he did to pry on. Travis Scott and Quavo also appear on the mixtape with “Pick Up the Phone.”

Shortly after the announcement that they were going to start playing the first track, a lavender ruffled style skirt and an Asian conical hat was revealed with what seem to be Young Thug appearing more avant-garde than ever before.  This is not the first time we see Young Thug challenging gender norms, previously we have seen Thug on the cover of the 2015 Fall issue of Dazed Magazine wearing a floral Gucci top, he also posed in a Molly Goddard Tulle dress that’s sheer on the top, and a whimsical tutu on the bottom, just like a ballerina.

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As well as the recent Calvin Klein campaign when he made comments about gender norms stating, “There is no such thing as gender,” he said. “In my world, of course, it don’t matter you could be a gangster with a dress or you could be a gangster with baggy pants.”

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It all started in New York when rapper and photographer Garfield Larmond stopped to chat with VFILES founder Julie Anne Quay since Thug is about to become a mentor for the VFILES fashion panel they had some fashion to discuss. During the meeting, photos of a piece by Italian designer Alessandro Trincone passed and Thug said, “What’s that? I need it.” Then something unexpected happened, VFILES said ‘We can get the whole outfit to you in Atlanta.’  Alessandro Trincone’s “Annodami” collection was inspired by Japanese kimonos and trousers. The idea behind the outfit was all Young Thug’s idea which makes it so much gratifying to know that this ATL “Thug“  is not afraid to push the new age concept that gender roles could be redefined, manipulated and even changed.

But haters will always hate and in 2016 create memes.

Read on too see the dankest memes.


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Not everyone was roasting Thug, some people took measures a bit differently.




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