5 Beauty Hacks That Rule Every Fashion Week

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This year’s London Fashion Week was filled with authentic British characteristics. The long clothes and wet looks are a true representation of British rainy days, while the bold lipsticks and emphasized eye makeup gave respect to the nation’s punk heritage. Their Spring collection for 2017 should truly inspire women to acquire following 5 beauty trends in order to stand out from the crowd and experience true British spirit.

Loud Mouth

Not only London acquired bold mouth, but the New York Fashion Week promoted it as well. The combination of bare skin and bold bright lipsticks is the new season’s trend, and everyone should follow it. Forget about dark shades and stock up on shades such as neon orange, fluorescent pink or Day-Glo red and your makeup will instantly transform. Just make sure to take it easy on the rest of the makeup, and you can even put only your lipstick on and rock the new season.

Wet-Looking Hair

Just like the makeup, hair style seems to be pretty minimalistic for this season as well. Rainfall is a big part of British identity and this year they are wearing it with pride. The hairstyles looked drenched and were pressed, combed and twisted in every direction. Even though it looked as if they used rainwater to style their hair, it was actually easier than that – simple brush back of a wide-tooth comb combined with glittering confections. In New York, this hairstyle was also the big trend with some small variations, such as a messy bun or one loose lock. This hairstyle is pretty easy to create and maintain, so why not try it out for the next spring and completely ditch the blow-dryer.

Perfect Skin with a bit of Shimmer

For this season you should stick to the minimalistic makeup and simpler tones; except for the lips. This means that you need to update your skincare routines. On the runway, models looked flawless and their skin was glowing. However, that was not because of the highlighters or glitter, but due to new trend of a generous blast of rose water. This gives this look a nice shimmer of a day spent in rain. Another trick they used is moisturizers to keep the glow on. You don’t have to be afraid of “sweaty skin”, simply embrace it. It is recommended to update your beauty products to quality ones, such as the Alpha H skincare products and be generous with moisturizers for the upcoming spring.

Boyish Haircuts

Androgynous beauty was spread all across London Fashion Week trough hair and makeup. At Christopher Kane, hair stylist Guido Palau gave models a boyish cut with side burns and bangs, while at Burberry the makeup artist Wendy Rowe combined lines of femininity and masculinity with subtle contours and strong brows. Basically, messy hairs and baby hair are in for the next season. Also, be ready to upgrade your brows and be subtle with your makeup.

Hair Accessories

Those boyish cuts and sleek wet hair looks can be upgrade a bit. All they did at the Fashion Week was adding a few pretty and simple hair accessories. Mary Katrantzou used a traditional Greek laurel and combined it with fresh British Pop Art twist with bright colors and geometric shapes. However, you might already have something for this season at home, which includes simple grosgrain ribbons in darker shades.  Also, you can use the brighter colors of ribbons to take your minimalistic hairstyle to another level and fit in with the colors of next spring.

As you can see, this spring’s fashion is not only for the sake of art. It can easily be embraced and wore in the streets. Try out these few hacks and walk proudly during the upcoming spring.


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