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In our search for a “magic pill” that will keep us looking and feeling younger, many of us have tried promising concoctions that we drink, slather on or inject hoping that this will be the one.  Well, the search for the “Fountain of Youth” may have just come to a freezing halt.

During New York Fashion Week, I came across a few models at a café that just came from being “frozen” as part of their beauty regimen.  They went straight from the airport to a rejuvenation center for a quick freeze that they claimed helped with jetlag, gave them energy and that will keep them looking refreshed for the rest of the week.

While I am always willing to try the newest trends in beauty, I was a little skeptical about freezing myself so I decided to stop by the FUEL STOP in Manhattan to see what all the hype is about…

What is Cyrotherapy?



Cyrotherapy is popularly used for both athletes and non-athletes to help relieve sore muscles but has multiple other health and beauty benefits that everyone can take advantage of.   The short exposure to extreme cold (-200F degrees and below) via a Cryochamber – is the most effective, fast and sustainable endurance build-up treatment, energy replenishment and immune system support. It is the key element for building immunity throughout the entire body, both internally and externally by reinforcing cellular metabolism.  The extreme cold temperatures reduce inflammation and control pain while decreasing inflammatory mediators such as histamine and serotonin.  It also promotes collagen production and skin tightening; healing acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and releases endorphins that helps with depression.


At the Fuel Stop:

When I arrived I was greeted by Mila Joura, owner of the FUEL STOP.  She explained her philosophy and vision of “accelerated regeneration” to me.  “Here at the FUEL STOP we offer ‘the fast-track regeneration circuit” in an urban lounge environment. Cutting-edge technology, non-invasive in nature and short in duration are the core features of all treatments centered on ‘Endurance. Energy. Contour.’ The FUEL STOP formula is centered on three cornerstones of anti-aging: endurance-building through cold therapy; energy replenishment through brain functionality-enhancing nutraceutical cocktails; body contour improvements through non-invasive fat and cellulite removing face and body treatments.”

The FUEL STOP promises improved energy, a sharper mind, balanced emotions, deeper sleep and greater looks in a short 15-minute circuit. 

What to expect: 

A technician led me to a small changing room where she handed me a bag filled with a robe, clogs, thick wool socks, gloves and a head warmer.   I was instructed to take everything off except my bikini, including any jewelry since the extreme cold can cause freezer burn.   Once I changed, I met her at the cyrochamber, which was a large 2-room chamber room that could fit around 2-3 people.  She had me pick out my favorite song to dance to and instructed me to go into the first chamber for 20 seconds to adjust to the cold before I would move into the second room and dance for 3 minutes.

I disrobed, outfitted only in a bathing suit and winter accessories. I stepped into the first chamber thinking this isn’t too bad and it was much more tolerable than I expected.  It was a little chilly but not more then a winter day.  Then I was given the signal to move into the next chamber. Now, I thought that it was a little silly that I was told to dance and keep moving while a technician watched me from a window, but as the temperature dropped to below 200F, the need to move was inevitable.  The cold air was definitely a shock to my body and all I could think about was warm thoughts and Rhianna.  Three minutes later, which went by very quickly, the technician gave me the thumbs up.  I made it through my first session of cold therapy rejuvenation!

She greeted me outside of the chamber with my robe and took me over to a vibrating platform which I stood on to get the blood moving back into my limbs.  Standing there, I never felt so alive.  My energy level was through the roof and all of my senses felt like they were heightened.  If I can do this every morning, I would never have to drink a cup of coffee again!

After a few minutes, we moved into one of the spa rooms where she gave me an Age-Erase Facial for 5 minutes.  Here a machine gently blows the same temperature cold air on your face to further the regeneration of collagen and reduction of inflammation.  The machine can also be used to target other parts of the body such as your knees, elbow or any part that is inflamed.  But, when used on the face, it instantly gives a youthful glow while cutting down any redness from acne or rosacea.  Long term effects of multiple sessions can reduce wrinkles and promotes the healing of many skin disorders.

After my facial, I changed back into my clothes and met back with Mila at the juice bar.  She offered me her signature pineapple detoxifying iced tea with a shot of her proprietary blend, Brain Floss energy supplement.  At the FUEL STOP, they do not only focus on the body, but keeping the mind healthy!  After all, who wants to have all the beauty, without the brains?

The Aftermath:

For the rest of the day I felt refreshed and rejuvenated.  Even though it was hot and humid on the New York City streets, I felt like I had a cool breeze just on me and I barely broke out in a sweat.  My skin looked rejuvenated with a well rested glow and I had more of a bounce in my step.  The effects lasted throughout the day and well into the evening.

The FUEL STOP’s Fast Track Circuit is an amazing experience that I would definitely try to work into my health and beauty routine.  It is advised that to achieve the best results, one should visit the FUEL STOP twice a week, but it varies depending on the individuals needs.

You can learn more about the FUEL STOP by visiting:



200 Central Park South

New York, NY 10019





























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