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Dr. Denim: A New Face of Denim

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It’s not every day that you find a clothing brand that doesn’t solely focus on clothing, but focuses on clothing in a cultural, social, and political context. Dr. Denim, a brand created in a basement in Sweden by brothers Alexander and Johannes Graah, does just that. “Dr. Denim is a part of a greater context, a movement that is present all over the world—a movement named denim.” The Graah brothers and their father Morten founded Dr. Denim in 2004, and the company has continued to run as a family business since.


The Brand

Dr. Denim stretches beyond seasons and traditional design. The brand promises perfection, whether it’s the fit, price, or the experience, striving to make every day a denim day. It’s all about smart choices. Alexander says, “Keeping it simple and affordable is the hardest thing to do”, but they make it one of the most important. Their customer centered market relations dictate assortment and availability, and fill the customer’s wardrobe with wearable, durable, and fashionable styles with a perfect fit for every occasion and every body.

The Personality

The brand’s personality is an “intelligent, curious, creative, and solution-oriented opportunist with a constant glimmer in the eye and never far off from a laugh.” Dr. Denim is social and relaxed with a passion for simplicity. “Persistent, calculated positive, smart and social—words to keep in mind.”

The Design

Dr. Denim’s design blends in by sticking out, and creates comfort that’s compatible with every season at every point in time.  Simplicity: Dr. Denim’s basics are composed of carefully selected and refined pieces in classic colors such as black, white, grey, and indigo. The brand’s jeans are a creation, not merely a production. Sustainability: Dr. Denim focuses on the direct environmental effect with an aim that 95% of the brand’s materials will be sustainable by 2020, which is made possible with clear guidelines for production and ethical aspects.

Retail and Distribution

Dr. Denim is represented globally in individual retailers and chain stores in over twenty-five markets. Dr. Denim is a safe supplier and partner and is adaptable to mixed markets. The first flagship store opened up online in 2013, and with much success, a physical store proceeded. The gallery opened up in Stockholm in 2014, creating a unique space and is a representation of blending in by sticking out. The Dr. Denim gallery is a “warm, social, and curated space.”

Dr. Denim is your family, your friend, your companion. The brand strives to represent fashion and denim globally in different contexts, and it is their goal to make every day a denim day. Their brand is premium, wearable, and allows customers to write their own denim story. Check out their web site:


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