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Halloween Costumes in Los Angeles

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There’s no better time of year to get dressed up and hit the town, or a party, or even just get downright scary in your own home. For the full effect, though, you need to really look the part. Halloween is all about role play and costumes and bringing out your truly naughty and mischievous side, so you should go all out and take some proper time and care over what you’re going to wear for your Halloween event. L.A. has plenty of seriously sexy stores where you can pick up dedicated Halloween outfits, or great, erotic lingerie to put both you and your lover in the mood for a naughty time. Remember, less is most definitely more, so take advantage of this ‘anything goes’ time of year, and dress as trashy and teasingly as you like.

 Here are some of Los Angeles’ best stores for Halloween costumes…

 Ursula’s Costumes

Great for themed costumes, especially for those naughty masquerade balls and midnight scare-fests, Ursula’s Costumes have many one-of-a-kind outfits to guarantee that you stand out from everyone else. You can get traditional superhero costumes, witches, fairies and movie characters, but naughty girls should look out for sexy fairytale characters like short-skirted Gretchen or the minxy Daisy Bee. They do a great line in wenches, too.

 Trashy Lingerie

Erotic and sensual, Trashy specialize in two main areas – super sexy lingerie and knock-off costumes such as sleazy waitress, buxom wench and not-so-virginal Snow White. You’ll find lots of satin, silk, lace and feathers here, so you can mix and match a look to suit you. Because it’s Halloween, try and stay in the spirit and make use of their black leather and PVC lines, maybe jazz up a skimpy number with some bright orange boas or garter belts. In lingerie, they have some great lines such as ‘Sex Kitten’, ‘French Quarter’ and ‘Babycakes’, so if you like to flash the flesh, you’ll be spoiled for choice. The ‘Toxic’ and ‘Flourette’ collections contain lots of bewitching black and red lace, plus incredible PVC fetish wear that’s just ideal for Halloween.

 Pure Delish

This fun, yet erotic, dancewear store is great for naughty girls who like lots of girly frills and spills. Take your pick from angels and devils, fairies, sexy pumpkins, vampish vampires and witchetty witches. They like it tight here, so expect hot pants, bustiers, micro skirts and close-zipped blouses. If you’re after something that’s really going to show off everything you have to offer, Pure Delish has it, plus a whole load of accessories to maximise the Halloween effect, such as black net petticoats, leather fetish sleeves and sexy lace-up shoe covers.

Bizzy B

This sexy boutique stocks all kinds of kinky outfits just perfect to put you in a naughty Halloween. Top sellers include the Black Widow Avengers catsuit, Wonder Woman Babe and Damsel of Darkness. They really know how to set pulses racing here, so it’s worth having a proper browse because the selection is awesome. There’s nowhere else in town that you can find a red PVC ‘Devilicious’ corset and hot pants, with strap on PVC wings and sexy red stockings. It’s all top-quality stuff, too, so you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth out of repeat performances, whether it’s Halloween or not.

Halloween Club

This sidearm of Ahhs gift store specializes in Halloween garb of all shapes and sizes. It’s quite traditional – lots of pumpkins, witches, devils and cartoon characters, but they do stock some more risque stuff, too, so just mix things up a bit to put together an outfit that suits your naughty personality.

Hustler Store

You can trust any Hustler store to come up with the costume goods on Halloween. They stock an impressive range of purpose-made Halloween outfits like Pirate Hottie, Naughty Night Nurse, Teacher’s Pet and Fun Time Flapper, and they do some good bargains in October, so you could save come cash. Try something on-theme, such as Goth Vampire, Bite Me or Vicious Vampire, and watch the guys come over all lusty as soon as you walk through the door. Make sure to be prepared underneath, too, with a Hustler teddy or thong, to keep the naughtiness going all night.



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