Laya LaRoché: The New Age Erykah Badu

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Native New Yorker Laya LaRoché’s alternative sound keeps up hypnotized and spiritually in-tuned in the new music video release of “It Won’t Be Long”. Often mixing melodic vocals with heavy & whimsically dark beats while showing off her wide vocal range and 90s influence. Her “Craft” inspired Spice Girl look and edgy yet poetic lyrical content is what separates her from your run of the mill of female R&B singer. When producer Kareem Wright (@ckmwrii) heard Layla sing “On and On “ by Erykah Badu on an Instagram video she posted, Wright was inspired and sent her a beat that was very reminiscent to Erykah’s earlier work. She fell in love with it as soon as she heard it. “I’ve been singing and writing music for a long time and like many artists have come across one obstacle after another on my journey to success.  It was these experiences that inspired me to write the lyrics “it won’t be long now”. I know in the deepest depths of my soul that I was meant for this. I was meant to make music, and no matter how hard any obstacle may seem I will persevere and achieve my destiny.  I know that may sound like a line from a movie but I’m dead ass. This is what drove me to write this song.”

In Laya LaRoché’s “Won’t Be Long “we are transported to a realm where we see Laya’s spiritual journey unfold. She described it as, “Going from feeling lost and unsure to finding true happiness and success by going through a sort of labyrinth to get there.” With scenes of her reading tarot cards representing her higher self, she is pretty much the voice within all of us that knows it’s all going to be ok and everything will work itself out just the way it’s supposed to.  In the video we see a Buddah like child who represents some sort of spiritual guide or guardian angel guiding her through the journey and ultimately leading her to her profound destiny.

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    September 6, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    One amazing woman. Musically and off stage she’s just as riveting in talent and personality. Proud to see you make impact in this article.


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