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Shirt Dresses Offer a New Blend of Sexy and Casual

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Perfect for bold and daring fashionistas, shirt dresses are a fun new trend you can experiment with. These dresses are generally short and flirty and are perfect for hitting the street for a day of shopping, going out on the town with your girlfriends or walking your dog at the beach. Some styles can be accessorized and be considered suitable for a workplace environment too!


You’ll love the loose and free feeling that a shirt dress offers you. There are days when your body-conforming dresses fit beautifully and make you feel totally sexy, but then there are days where you’re a bit bloated and would rather not show off your shapely figure. Shirt dresses to the rescue! The dresses are meant to look oversized.

In fact, at first glance it may look like you rolled out of bed and forgot to get fully dressed! So be prepared to turn some heads with your shirt dress. But after all, if you didn’t want to turn heads, you wouldn’t be a follower of fashion anyway. So bring on those second glances!

Here are three main styles of shirt dresses to get you started on your shopping journey:

The Classic Button Down


The muse for this shirt dress is a classic businessman’s button down shirt. Depending on the style of the collar, shoulder area and hemline, this shirt dress can take on a more feminine look or remain truly classical with straight lines and a boxy look.

If you’re a little nervous about wearing your first shirt dress, look for a style that has a slightly pleated skirt, an extra-long “tail coat” in the back and a slightly more fitted shape.

As for colors, the possibilities are endless. Black, plaid, pastel, dark colored and, of course, white dresses can all be found, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding a shirt dress that will match the season’s hottest color trends.

Accessorize a classic button down shirt dress with a wide-brimmed sun hat, large sun glasses, chunky bracelets, a satin “belt” at your waist and, of course, a great pair of heels. Or, keep it simple and make the shirt dress itself the star of your one-woman fashion show. Tousled or wavy hair is the perfect complement to this casual look. If you wear your hair up, don’t worry about flyaways or frizz; it will all look great!


A Breezy Beach Shirt Dress


These shirt dresses are light and flowy, and they have a touch of elegance about them as well. Modeled after no particular shirt style, they are available in long or short sleeves and with various necklines so that you’re sure to find a style you love. Imagine your favorite casual-but-dressy t-shirt and elongate the hemline, and you have the perfect summer shirt dress.

Available in a wide range of colors, these dresses are perfect for any summer outing, whether it be a stroll on the beach with a four-legged friend or a date night with your significant other. It’s perfect for running errands in style and staying cool at the same time. You run very little risk of being under- or over-dressed with this style of shirt dress!


Oversized Boyfriend Shirt


For the ultimate in casual dresses, opt for the oversized boyfriend t-shirt look. It can take on any style you want, from a baggy, plaid lumberjack’s shirt dress to a slightly more fitted plain black t-shirt dress. Just like “boyfriend jeans” are roomy and relaxed, the boyfriend shirt dress is meant to give you a high degree of comfort.

These dresses are more likely to have simple, understated designs, which you can quietly accessorize with a sturdy pair of wedges, light makeup and a trace of jewelry. But if you’re not in the mood to accessorize, this dress should be your go-to option, since there is no expectation of glitz and glamour associated with it. The “oversized boyfriend shirt” look is ideal for when comfort is your number one priority for the day. This is a great style to lounge in around the house or to wear for a lunch date.


Accessorizing Your Shirt Dress for Endless Possibilities

You can accessorize virtually any style of shirt dress to make it appropriate for different settings, or to simply add a little variety to your life. Here are some of the most popular ways to breathe fresh life into your shirt dresses:

  • Add a Crop Top – Shirt dresses are naturally loose. You can draw a little more attention to your chest by wearing a fitted crop top over the dress.
  • Cinch Your Waist – Want to highlight your waistline instead? Cinch it with your favorite belt. Skinny belts, chunky belts, chain belts or even satin scarves all add their own flair while helping to show off your curves.
  • Wear Skinny Jeans or Leggings – Feel like you need a little more coverage? Shirt dresses pair extremely well with skinny jeans or with leggings. Wear your favorite pair of comfy heels or boots, and you’ll be ready to conquer the day.



Do you like wearing shirt dresses? What is your favorite style? Let us know in the comments below!

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