The Cord-Cutter’s Guide to Watching Football

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As cable prices soar and streaming services offer more content, many people have cut the cable cord. Streaming services are great for catching prime time TV shows on a dime, but they often leave many football fans wondering how they’ll be able to keep up with their teams. It’s actually easier than you may think. Fortunately, there are many other ways to watch the latest game without cable, or even a television. Don’t miss a single game as football season comes into full swing with this cord-cutter’s guide to watching football.

Take Advantage of Local Sports Bars

Watching the game at your favorite bar is one of the oldest tried and true methods for catching a game without a cable subscription. It also comes with many perks, like never running out of beer, on-demand chicken wings, and the excitement of rooting for your team with other fans. Of course, watching football at a bar can get pricey (especially if a team win gets you feeling generous with buying rounds), but it probably won’t cost as much as a year’s worth of cable bills.

Watch When You Want and Where You Want on Your Mobile Device

For those who want the freedom to watch football wherever they choose and on their own time, online and mobile streaming services are a perfect solution. Both online and mobile streaming services let football fans enjoy the game anywhere and everywhere, making them a great option for those looking to cut the cable cord. Programs like T-Mobile’s Binge On are perfect for those who prefer to watch the game on a mobile device, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. T-Mobile’s Binge On lets users access popular sports networks, like ESPN and Fox Sports, and stream without using valuable data, perfect for keeping tabs on each touchdown on the go.

There’s also the NFL Game Pass which is the official NFL streaming service. The NFL Game Pass costs $99.99 for access for a year and allows users to stream every NFL game, including playoffs and the Super Bowl, through any connected mobile device. Games may even be streamed to television using either an Apple TV, Google Chromecast, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.

Watch games live from your mobile device or stream to your television with Sling TV. Starting at $20.00 a month, Sling TV lets users tailor their service to their needs so you only pay for the channels you really want. ESPN is included in the $20.00 package but for $5.00 extra a month, football (and sports fans) can add on the Sports Extra package for more live football and sports coverage.

Pick Up Major Networks with a Digital Antenna

You can also watch games that are broadcasted on the major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, without shelling out the dough for cable. Purchasing a digital antenna is one method. There are many options when it comes to digital antennas, allowing users to watch non-cable broadcasters (which include ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox) for the one time cost of an antenna. But be warned, sometimes reception is not so great with digital antennas and some channels may not come in at all. Streaming services directly from individual broadcasters can help eliminate this problem. For about $6.00 a month, CBS offers CBS All Access. CBS All Access allows streaming of live broadcasts onto mobile devices, including tablets, and  through television streaming platforms, like Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast.

Cutting the cable cord doesn’t have to be scary for football fans. Thanks to online and mobile streaming services along with good old fashioned sports bars and television antennas, no football fan will have to miss a single game as football season takes off. May the odds be in your team’s favor this year!

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