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The Latest Trends in Handbag Fashion Explained

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When it comes down to fashion, if there is anything that women simply adore after diamonds and high heels, it is a trendy, opulent handbag. Most women follow high-end fashion shows, celebrity styles to make sure that the bag, which they carry is in vogue and of the latest beat. If you have been looking for a similar guide on the latest trends in handbag fashion, today is your lucky day.


We’re decoding the chicest and hippest trends in the fashion industry that have left the handbag fashion industry awestruck. Read on!

1. Fringed and Tasseled Bags


Fringe has been in vogue for a while now be it shoes or clothing. And to our delight, in 2016, fringes have made their way to the handbag fashion as well.  Today, high-end brands are designing some of the finest tasseled and fringed handbags with witty colors and quirky twists. Also, these bags are rocking in metallic and bright colors as well.

2. Square Structured Bags


These are one of the coolest handbags trends that are rocking the fashion industry. The square structured bags are available in various brands styles and colors. They are spacious enough and give up an upbeat, chic look to anyone who adorns it. The latest trend goes as: “the boxier the bag, the trendier it looks.”

3. Metallic Handbags


Metallic sheen is quite a statement when it comes to handbags nowadays. These are perfect of a spicing up a casual date outfit. Also, if you are planning to hit the club on a Saturday evening, a metallic handbag can be an ideal accessory to rock. Hermes has designed this super-opulent handbag for the fashion lovers. You can check this out. Also, other high-end brands make some of the coolest metallic handbags ever!

4. Half Moon Handbags


The half-moon trend out is quite a massive fashion trend nowadays. Victoria Beckham certainly added to the charm of these bags, so much so that her spring/summer 2016 collection of handbags imitated this gorgeous design with ease. The half-moon bags have the charm of the 60s and are brilliantly spacious. Now those are some reasons why half-moons are going to create a fashion upsurge in the handbag industry this year.

5. Tote Bags


Totes can never go out of fashion! They are here to stay and that is going to be the case this year as well. A tote bag is cool and classy. It can fit in an entire world of essential and accessories as you like. You can get the finest tote brands from brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Celine and many more.

These are the five hottest trends of the season in handbag fashions. Get going and have a fashionable affair with handbags this year!



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