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Transforming Your Yard into an Outdoor Entertainment Oasis

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It’s time to start planning for next summer’s parties! Put your best foot forward with some lavish design work, and your yard will be the hangout of the year. Here are some great ideas to get you started!

A Covered Dining Area or Bar

If you can only focus on one outdoor renovation right now, a covered dining area should be your top priority. The roof will keep you and your guests cool in the summer sun and protected from any surprise rain showers, but the open design will keep a nice breeze blowing through.

On one side, you can install an outdoor kitchen, complete with a full grill, oven and mini fridge or freezer. On the other side, offer a full bar. And don’t forget a table big enough to seat all of your guests for a delicious outdoor dinner!

But the night is young, and this is just one of your entertainment areas. There’s plenty more to do in order to create the best party terrace around!


An In-ground Pool With Underwater Lighting and Other Fun Features

An in-ground pool is a must-have for perfect summer parties. And for a dramatic and sexy effect, install underwater lighting in the pool. The lights can be all kinds of colors and can even fade in and out or pulse with the rhythm of the music.

If you and your friends love to play games, you can set up countless possibilities in the pool. From floating corn hole games to floating beer pong, virtually anything you’d normally expect at a party can be played in the cool waters of your pool. Or, you can play water basketball or volleyball with a simple net and a beach ball.

Round out your pool time fun with a floating bar and plenty of loungers, and your guests will be coming back weekend after weekend.

A Hot Tub or Two

What’s a party without a hot tub? Better yet, give your guests the gift of choice and offer multiple hot tubs. Chances are you can’t fit everyone into a single hot tub anyway, and there’s no sense in leaving anyone out of the fun!

Make the hot tub area ultra-classy by providing brick, stone or wooden steps leading up to the hot tub on all sides. Just be sure these steps are covered with a rough, anti-slip finish!

But to really make a statement, build a custom in-ground hot tub. You can make it as large as you need to, with features like cup holders and large seats and plenty of foot room.

A Fire Pit

When the night finally begins to cool off and you’ve all spent enough time in the water to get wrinkly hands and feet, it’s time to dry off in the warmth of the fire pit. Here you can relax and be mesmerized by the crackling flames, and even roast marshmallows for a quick and easy treat.

There are many ways to design a fire pit, but most of them are above-ground and are surrounded by your choice in furniture: either a cushioned, soft fleet of deck chairs or a curved, high-backed stone bench that melts into the scenery.

Comfortable Chairs, Swings and Hammocks

If you think outdoor furniture consists of hard-back lounges or flimsy plastic chairs, think again. Comfortable, up-scale outdoor furniture is all the rage these days, and you can find couches and armchairs with deep-cushions and pillows made from comfortable but weather-resistant fabrics. Lounge chairs, dining chairs, bar stools and the like should all have cushy padding for your guests to sink right into for a relaxing evening.

To really capitalize on those lazy summer nights, have a couple porch swings or hammocks on offer. You and your guests can rock into a tranquil, peaceful mood as the party winds down.

HD TV and Surround Sound System

Who says you can’t still enjoy the football game during your outdoor festivities? An HD TV is the perfect addition to your covered dining area. You can even install a retractable support so that the TV is tucked away when not in use.

A surround sound system is a great way to add atmosphere and ambiance to your party. Provide a beat for the dance floor or a playful mix of background music with well-placed outdoor speakers. Note that a surround sound system is best when there is plenty of space between you and your neighbors!

It’s Time to Plan Your Dream Party Oasis!

As you can see, ultra-luxurious outdoor entertainment goes beyond having a simple deck or patio. There are multiple outdoor “rooms” with their own styles and characters. An experienced outdoor design and construction team can help you determine how to best connect each space for the perfect party flow.

What else would you include in your outdoor party center? Let us know in the comments below!

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