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Wölffer Finca: The Release of Wölffer Estate Vineyard’s Second Vintage Wine

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Wölffer Estate, one of the Hampton’s most favored and upscale wineries, has been pleasing wine lovers for three decades. Using sustainable farming practices, Wölffer Estate Vineyard grows Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon among others. Their food-friendly and elegant wine is built for longevity and preferred by many, and what other way to keep wine lovers happy than the release of a new Rosé?

The wine comes from Mendoza, Argentina, the country that started it all back in the 1960’s and made Christian Wölffer fall in love. Christian admired it all, from the landscape, the fertile soil, the equestrian traditions, and the winemaking traditions. Fifty years later, his children run Wölffer Estate and in tribute to their father and his traditions, released the Finca Wölffer.

Christian’s son Marc, who owns twenty acres within the Santa Maria de los Andes Vineyard in Argentina, as well as Roman Roth, Wölffer Estate Vineyard’s Winemaker will guide the production of the new Rose. It will be similar in style to the iconic gold-label Wölffer Rosé, but it will have Malbec (the primary grape of the Argentinian region) as its base. The wine is light, where most Argentinian wines are typically heavy. Finca Wölffer is a brilliant showcase of high quality, vibrant, food-friendly wine, styled and elegant in its result.

Wölffer is now the first New York vineyard to embark on international extension. Roman Roth and Vineyard Manager Richie Pisacano visit the international properties on a regular basis to ensure the preservation of Wölffer’s style in every bottle.

Because of the Wölffer’s strong family roots, Christian’s love for the unique landscape native to Argentina and Long Island, and the amazing winemaking skills of Roman Roth, Finca Rosé, the second vintage from Wölffer  Estates, has been an absolute success!




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