7 Inspirational Ceilings to Add Glamour to Any Room

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In the hasty task of constructing and designing a house, people usually skip the ceilings. But with the absence of ceilings, the decor of room is left unfinished. Coffered ceilings have unique charm. Being easier to install, coffered ceilings have the magic to add breathtaking glamour to any room.

Coffered ceiling is an essential architectural tool used to add greatness to either rooms or hallways. The dimensional complexities of the coffered ceiling are evident and can be found with different patterns and designs. Coffered ceiling consists usually starts with a regular pattern of sunken panels or beams, usually in the shape of square, rectangle or octagon, in the ceiling. This kind of decoration technique has been used since ancient civilizations. However, with the passage of time it went through gradual transformation which led to the replacement of gold, and stones with more flexible and installation friendly materials. The recent in-depth research has resulted in innovated designs, textures, patterns and color contrast options that can be easily applied.

Various designs, different color schemes can be applied to achieve appropriate effects such as darker and lighter shades that can increase depth and make details more vivid. Coffered ceiling designs can be chosen depending on the available space and theme. Below are some of the artistic designs that may be considered.


Deep beams ceiling

Coffered ceiling in the modern room compels people to feast their eye on a room’s interior. As featured here, this decoration transformed this living room into an artistic place. The lighting effect and deep beams have further added charm to it. Color selection brought warm and cozy atmosphere and helped this room to visually expand its borders. Who wouldn’t like to have a room like this one?


by Jorge Castillo Design

Recessed wood coffered ceiling

This is another design where coffered ceiling makes a perfect combination with traditional wood finishing. High ceiling in addition with the wooden patterns gives an impression of wide space to this luxurious room. This kind of ceiling design adds a cottage house feel to the room while keeping it calm and welcoming.


by Shelter Interiors LLC

Dark wood coffered ceiling

The perfect contrast of dark coffered ceiling with the shiny gray theme gives an elegant impression to this room. The dark colored ceiling is appearing more vivid in the theme. This contrast ceiling design could also be a perfect selection for library or office. Trims matching the ceiling style was an amazing solution to bring this room to a competition and give it a sharp personality!


by McIntosh Poris Associates

Modern white beamed coffered ceiling

The white colored coffered ceiling with the texture gives a modern look to this room. Moreover, matching wall trims and panoramic windows give the space an airy and clean appearance.


by Stofft Cooney Architects

Traditional coffered ceiling

This is one of the best examples of coffered ceiling that works well with pretty much any room setting and which is dramatically transforms the visual appearance of the size or any room! Using a mix of colors and lightening accents will only compliment the beauty of this ceiling style. Use of warm off white paint color and trims inside the beams created a lovely tone and gave it a 3D appearance. Moreover, combinations of pendant and pot lights created a soothing atmosphere.   


by Otrada LLC

Coffered ceiling combined with wooden walls

Use of dark colored furniture, wooden walls is adding a drama to this room. However, together with white coffered ceiling dark theme is becoming softer and giving the room a relaxing feel.


by West Chin Architects

Exposed beams ceiling design

This style uses an unique blend of styles by using brown textured wooden beams, light wallpaper and matching wainscotings on walls – thus adding more depth to ceiling and visually increasing the room space. It’s integration of ancient design with the modern fashion and looks absolutely brilliant!


by Morris & Woodhouse Interiors

The above discussed coffered ceiling designs are a proof to convince one about the importance of ceiling in the renovation of a room. Space is a key element to worry about while selecting a ceiling style. Lighter shades are suitable for small rooms as they give an impression of wider room, while darker shades can add immense effects to spacious rooms.

Most importantly, lighting acts as a ggame-changingfactor. Lighting has the power to add gloominess or sharpness to the entire room; which has a direct impact on our mood. Therefore, one should pay equal time to ceiling selection along with other decoration elements as these are a direct portrayal of wealth, elegance and style.






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