9 Greatest Second-Date Ideas

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So you’ve won the second date. Congratulations! Yet it’s too early to calm down and let the thongs run their course. In fact, second dates rarely go smoother than first ones. People can’t get to know each other well enough after just one meeting. Thus, you should pick the right setting to promote your relationship. Start your journey now with Beautiful Russian Wives from!

  1. Go bowling

Bowling is amazing not just for large groups of friends. If your first date was calm and relaxing, try to bring a bit of sport in your relationship. It’s not about competition. There are just two people having fun together. Beer and pizza are included.

  1. Listen to the live music

Music is one of the basic things bringing people closer to each other. In our view, the second date is a perfect time to see how much your music tastes overlap (if you’re still uncertain about this factor). Look for some good live show – indoor or street – and head there after a dinner.

  1. Enjoy the wildlife

A creative solution for those who adore nature. Why not pick your dear one up and go to a local zoo or aquarium? Places like that usually provide special lighting, sounds, and sights. Some animals are cute, some are scary. Anyway, this day will be full of impressions.

  1. Take a bike trip

Great both for city and country dwellers. Not to mention, it’s super healthy. Use your own bikes or rent – and start exploring the area you live in. Open roads and hidden trails may bring a lot of surprising stuff; merely decide what attracts you the most.

  1. Have a movie night

No one can argue that films and TV shows truly unite people. Likewise, it’s a pretty common topic for long conversations. Check out if your date has interests similar to yours. Create a cozy and private atmosphere, choose what you’d like to see this evening, and just loosen up.

  1. Visit a sporting event

If any other activities don’t give you enough adrenaline, attend some game together. Lively air, blood pumping, and emotions going wild – what else do you need for a perfect evening? No matter whether you support the same or different teams: a bit of rivalry is beneficial to keep your flame alive.

  1. Attend a workshop

Keen on fine arts or craft? Then, take up some lessons for just the two of you. Painting, culinary, sculpture, pottery, or whatever you can imagine. If the first time together was amazing, you can become even closer via making pieces of art. Undoubtedly, there will be a lot to remember about this day.

  1. Get on a train

Trains are ultimately romantic, don’t you think so? We bet there are many wonderful spots to visit outside your town or city. That may be a historical or natural landmark, an amusement park, or whatever else just an hour away from your place. So take an excursion along with your friend.

  1. Rent a boat

Oh, we couldn’t forget about sailing. Water has its very own magic that establishes the bond between two lovers. However, we suggest you renting a boat only if at least one of you has the necessary experience – and take the weather into an account.

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