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Fall season is finally here and the leaves have begun to fall. Fall fashion has become a fan favorite for everyone and the season that almost everyone looks forward to. With fall now upon us major brands are now rolling out superstar fall silhouettes, and Jordan Brand didn’t fall short by giving fans something amazing! This weekend October 29th will be the release of the Air Jordan 4 Ginger. The Air Jordan 4 has become one of the most popular uses for new colorways in the Jordan line. Premium models continue to release within the Air Jordan 4 and this one lives up to the hype.


Taking a page strictly from Timberland, this Air Jordan 4 model features a complete premium ginger/wheat leather that covers the entire shoe except for the sole which is a gum outsole. Even the laces are leather and the shoe resembles the classic Timberland boots and are perfect for the fall season. The downside that will anger all sneakerheads is the price tag, which comes at 400$. The huge price tag is due to the premium material and with great quality comes a insane price tag. Most sneakerheads have grown accustom to these premium prices due to the last few Air Jordan 4 premium models listed with the same price tag.

Without a doubt this model will be a extreme sell out this halloween weekend regardless of the price tag. Check out the images below and spook everyone this weekend by grabbing a pair.


*images by sneaker politics




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