Breaking Up Badly: What Not to Let a Breakup Do to You

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As an addict, you may struggle with breakups worse than others because of the fact that you no longer have your significant other or your fix of drugs to rely on. This can cause you to revert to old ways, lean on drugs again, or otherwise resort to unhealthy measures. Going through a bad breakup can be tough, but there are things you should not let it do to you that could greatly impact your life for the worse.

Drive You Back to Your Addiction

An addiction to substances, such as alcohol, oxycontin, or other easily accessible drugs is difficult to get through as it is. Allowing a breakup to drive you back to your addiction would continue the cycle and undo all the work you put into breaking yourself from the habit in the first place. Going through a detox from oxycontin is especially difficult. During initial withdrawal, you may feel nauseous, have joint pain and stiffness, experience vomiting or diarrhea, and even be depressed and irritable. Getting through this detox process takes a great deal of effort. Reverting back to your old ways and using this drug because of a breakup would mean experiencing these withdrawal symptoms over again when you decide you want to get sober. It is not worth it for someone who was obviously not worth your time.

Let Things Bottle Up

You never want to let your emotions bottle up after a breakup. Keeping your emotions inside will inevitably lead to an outburst of feelings that could have you reaching out to drugs to ease your pain. Let yourself feel the emotions you are feeling. Talk to a friend or even your sponsor about the situation. Do not let things bottle up in order to pretend that you’re fine. It is healthy to discuss your emotions and allow yourself to have some time to feel angry, sad, and hurt.

Give Up

While it is healthy to discuss your sadness, it is not healthy to let it consume you. You cannot let a breakup make you feel like you should give up on life entirely. This is a common time for overdoses to occur due to addicts resorting to a heavy amount of their drug of choice in order to give up and let their pain be taken away. It may feel like the end of the world, but a breakup is only the parting of you and one other person. There are others out there who are still in your corner and would not want you to give up.

Why a Breakup Isn’t Always the Worst Thing

Breakups are bound to happen in several of the relationships you experience throughout your life. Many people date frequently and breakup on a regular basis. This is not the worst thing in the world. It can actually be a good thing, as it means you are clearly not with the right person. The more breakups you experience, the closer you could be to finding the person you will actually end up with.

As an addict, you need to focus on yourself and learning to overcome your addictions. Dealing with another person’s problems, insecurities, and their own addictions could be a cause for concern for yourself. After a breakup, you should realize that you now have the opportunity to focus more on your own life and the way you want to live it.

Breakups are not easy to get through, but they are also not impossible to get through. You should never let another person make you feel like you are not good enough. Do not let one breakup, or even many breakups, make you feel like you should give up, give in, or get back to an old addiction you have worked so hard to break. You are worth much more than that.

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