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  One of Jones biggest clients and best friend Floyd Mayweather

When it comes to fashion, it’s often difficult to find a designer whose clothing fits your needs, while staying in a reasonable price range. Entrepreneur and designer Teheran Jones’s line of luxury custom wear, Exclusive Game Clothing, allows you to set your own trends, and set them affordably. Jones is extremely passionate about his line, he’s a go-getter, and he’s in it for the long run. Setting trends is what Exclusive Game Clothing was made to do, and it continues to succeed in this. In fact, high end lines like Versace and Chanel get many of their ideas from Teheran Jones’s work. According to Jones, they see his designs on the streets, and recognize that it is exactly what fashion forward people want to wear.


 Teheran Jones with frequent shopper Cameron Newton (Quaterback for Carolina Panthers).

Jones got his start working out of his apartment in Brooklyn making “throwback jerseys” (custom made oversized basketball jerseys) back in 2004. He started making them for himself as well as his friends, increasing their popularity, and people went crazy for them. Speaking of friends, Jones’s good friend Jeezy helped Jones get to where he is today. The two grew up together, and Jones dressed Jeezy before he got big into fashion, which is wear the infamous “Snowman” tee came from. After starting his business Exclusive Game Clothing, Jones opened a factory in Atlanta, Georgia where Jones and his team work their magic whether it’s making sure the materials and fabrics are correct, sending out orders, or creating new designs. Teheran Jones began to dress celebrities, beginning with Nelly in his “Air Force Ones” music video. However, his celebrity clientele does not end there. Jones dresses celebs like Rick Ross, French Montana, Jay-Z, and Justin Bieber, (just to name a few), making Exclusive Game just exactly what it says it is: exclusive. When asked who his favorite clientele is, Jones replied laughing, “I like them all”. However, Jones does love to dress Jay-Z.

Not only does Jones have an amazing work ethic that drives him to hustle all day every day, he is inspired by the work ethic of others. Jones’s inspiration, designer Phillip Klein, has a work ethic and way of thinking that Jones admires. His admiration for work ethic in others is evident in the drive he has himself. This “drive” is a big part of his success. Jones’s pieces are now in over one hundred stores, and are selling out in many stores in Brooklyn and New York City.


Designer Teheran Jones with music artist Rick Ross

Jones’s line and his involvement and dedication to it are an expression of his true passion for fashion and design. Exclusive Game Clothing allows clientele to custom make anything from jackets to jeans to accessories, letting fashion forward individuals continue to stay original and trendy. By catering to the individual, Exclusive Game keeps trends exciting in a world where fashion tends to be cyclic, and repeat itself.  While Teheran Jones’ favorite current trend is “Michael Jackson type jackets”, jackets with sequins, the trends are always changing and Exclusive Game acknowledges that. Exclusive Game Clothing has recently opened an online shop for a more convenient way for customers to buy. Check out to check out the latest trends and custom make your own piece.


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