How to Choose Stylish Knitwear (and Save Money While You’re at It

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Winter will soon be upon us, and so it is important to update our wardrobes so that we wouldn’t be caught looking drab when the cold weather hits us. Knitwear will definitely be in season once again, and wearing something stylish yet comfortable will make the changing of the seasons more bearable.


Autumn and winter are great seasons, not only because of the upcoming holidays. It is also a great time to bring out those gorgeous coats and sweaters hiding at the back of our closets and start getting glammed up. If you don’t have any proper knitwear, now is a great opportunity to test your fashion sense and head out to go shopping for the perfect pieces.

Here are some tips that won’t leave you clueless when searching for stylish yet affordable knitwear.

Keep an eye out for sales.

When shopping online or in an actual store, it is important to keep in mind that timing is everything. Always keep an eye out for amazing sales after the holidays where you are sure to score great pieces for extremely low prices. Some stores will drop the prices on knitwear from previous seasons.

In addition, you can even find more bargains from places like the Edinburgh Woollen Mill by cashing in a voucher code online to save you that bit extra on your purchases.

Choose festive and warm colours that will make you stand out.

The winter can leave us feeling a bit dull and depressed. During these months, you will surely see a sea of grey and black. A great way to liven things up is to wear colours and prints that are festive. Choose colours that will go well with your skin tone, bring out the colour of your eyes, and accentuate other gorgeous physical attributes. Imbibe the spirit of the holidays by wearing colours that will make everyone around you warm and happy.

Know the best silhouette for your body shape.

No two bodies are the same, so not all silhouettes might go well with a specific body type. Knowing the best style that will flatter your body is important when building a great and stylish wardrobe. It is key to make sure that any article of clothing you wear including coats, sweaters, and cardigans, will add to your appearance not drown you out.

Before purchasing that off-the-shoulder knit sweater, make sure you know what your body type is and if it will work for you. When in doubt go for something that fits comfortably, and something that you will feel confident enough to wear all season.

Don’t be afraid to follow trends, but make sure you invest in great quality.

If you really want to stand out and be stylish, you can take your cue from the current runway trends. Check out magazines or even copy your favourite fashion icon’s style. Don’t be afraid to pick knitwear and wear it with pride like models and celebrities do.

It is also important to buy something made with high quality materials. You shouldn’t have to worry about buying something expensive especially if it will be able to stand the test of time. Buying badly made and low quality knitwear will cost you more because you will have to purchase a new one come next autumn.




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