How to Exercise on a Budget

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There is a long list of expenses which can be an excuse for a total lack of exercise.Many people cite gym membership,expensive equipment for setting up a home gym and personal trainers who demand higher renumerations.The bare truth is,you can build a better body and still save a lot of money.Basically this means you need to focus a lot on simple workout techniques which do not require any equipment or you can get the most of out of free online personal trainers.


Workouts that you can do from home

There are workouts you can do on your own without depending on the instructions from your personal trainer.Walking,hiking,running or stair climbing are very great options lumped into one by a common factor;you are simply using your legs to raise your heart rate.No equipment needed although you will have to buy a standard pair of running shoes or sports bra.That would not make you dig deeper into your pocket!



There are community pools which offer lap swim services for as low as five dollars or even less for every session.You also get a lot of discounts whenever you purchase punch cards for your swimming sessions.If you fancy swimming at the beach,its totally free and a fun filled great way to exercise.


Video podcasts

Many people think iTunes is just about music but there are also thousands of workout videos that you can stream to your PC,tab or smartphone.Yoga,aerobics,step workouts,ball exercises ,kickboxing are some of the exercise video podcasts you can find.They offer quality exercises that are really worth your time. 


Cheap gym equipment

Websites like Fingerhut offer good fitness and DIY gym equipment you can purchase to help you in your workouts.It is one step above other DIY stores and always stock exercise equipment such as life max for workouts at home.In addition there are also exercise bikes,yoga mats,steppers and rowers just to mention a few at reasonable prices.You get a good discount with every purchase you make. They also always have coupon codes that can be applied to your order!


Community centers

Community colleges and public educational centers regularly offer fitness classes at reasonable rates than pro-profit fitness studios.Take advantage of one that is situated within your city.You will probably find facilities such as weight rooms,with treadmills or even stationary bikes for use by city residents at cheaper rates.


Studio/Gym trials

If you live in a highly populated urban area ,utilize the free “trials” at the many gyms or studios.For instance one of my nearby yoga studios offers an arrangement for new clients where you get up to 2 week of unlimited lessons at a fee of $25 dollars and another offers $35.Regardless of whether I go twice per week,I still pay between $4-$6 dollars for every class.This is way below the standard $10-$20.

Prepare your own meals or choose healthy orders and dining out options.

Healthy eating is an essential part of a good workout since you will be able to achieve your results faster.Improve your diet while saving money by preparing most of your meals at home.Make use of online resources to learn quick ways of preparing healthy food recipes

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