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More than Gift Wrap: Make Handmade Silver Jewellery a Surprise

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Even people who claim they don’t like surprises are likely referring to kinks in the proverbial road of life, or possibly, the shock of a surprise party. Nearly everyone loves a surprise when it is given in a small box, wrapped or adorned with ribbon. And one of the most perfect gifts for both the giver and recipient is the presentation of a piece of silver jewellery.

Silver jewellery is an ideal gift. While not extravagant, it is a precious mental and will hold sentimental as well as fashion value. Be sure you choose the highest quality of handmade silver jewellery.    

Many jewellers or aspiring craftsman may not always choose the best materials or ensure that all of the material they use is of top quality. It is critical you shop – especially online – from a reliable, certified, quality website.

Fortunately, silver jewellery is available in a plethora of styles and types and there is nearly something for every man, woman and even child. For men, there are silver cufflinks, tie clips, bracelets and chains. For women, there are hair clips, earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets (chain or solid, charm or embellished), rings (for fingers as well as toes) and ankle bracelets. There are silver belt buckles or shoe accents for both men and women. Choose silver jewellery created by the world’s finest artisan craftsmen.

In giving gifts, you are likely to delight the recipient not only because you’ve chosen beautiful, quality silver jewellery, but because of the care and thoughtfulness in your approach, and how you chose the item.  If you know the recipient well, you can add to his or her collection, with items that coordinate or even match what they already own. Again, if you know the recipient well, you know if you can (or can’t) get them something “different” than what they’re accustomed. This means, if someone only wears rings, you might consider getting them a bracelet or necklace.

Here are some ideas to make your gift presentation a genuine surprise.

  1. Get a small, oven-safe glass box and put the silver jewellery item in it and bake it into a cupcake or cake. This is probably more heat than you should subject your silver to, but you can also
  1. …put it in a tiny box, wrap it, place that wrapped box in a small zipped plastic bag and hide in among a bouquet of flowers, or under a plate of cookies
  1. …put it at the bottom of a large box filled with helium balloons. When the recipient opens the box, the balloons will lift out, revealing your gift of silver jewellery.
  1. If you have only one balloon, you can put the silver jewellery inside of it, have it blown up with helium and write “Pop Me” on the balloon – be sure you tell the recipient not to “pop” the balloon over a metal street grate or a second-floor balcony.
  1. Treasure Hunt: Give the recipient a mason jar with a screw top and in that jar, place Hershey’s Kisses or other wrapped candy. Let them know there is a surprise. The surprise is that you’ve taken off one of the wrappers and wrapped your gift it in and mixed it into the jar.
  1. If your recipient is a fan of Marzipan, you can shape all kinds of fun fruit and veggies, candies, with – you guessed it – your gift hidden in one.
  1. Create a scavenger hunt. You hand over an envelope that takes the recipient to three (don’t make them work too hard) locations before they find their “prize.”

Your loved one will surely be surprised when you give her silver jewellery following the tips provided above. Start planning your surprise now!

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