The 7 Skincare Tips You Need to Know This Fall

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Goodbye, summer!  Just as Fall is beginning to set in, the prevailing winds are also becoming windier and colder by the day.  Just as you need to overhaul your wardrobe to keep yourself warm, so too does your skincare regimen needs all the help it can get to fight dryness, windburn, and generally survive the extreme weather conditions.

Your best chances involves concocting the perfect recipe to promote healthy skin despite these marked changes in climate.  Just as the addition of a Lamour Skin Cream is important, so too will giving your skincare regimen a makeover create the perfect conditions for you to successfully beat the cold.

Here are 7 tips you can try:

Tip No. 1: Exfoliate and scrub.  Even if you keep purchasing and religiously using the best skincare products for women that you can find, these will do little to improve your skin if the goodness in them cannot even penetrate the top layer of your skin.  Giving your skin regular exfoliation, even in the dry conditions of Fall, will help create an entry point for your products so that you get value and practical, noticeable results for every drop.


Tip No. 2:  Moisturize.  Whether it is a Lamour Skin Cream or some other product, make sure that your are getting what your aging skin really needs, such as loads of antioxidants, variety of cell-communicating peptides and moisture giving ingredients.  That’s just for starters.  Skin that is 40 years or older need retinols and ceramides too.  Fall may be a perfect time for you to get on an essential oil regimen too.  These are plant oils that have very simple molecular structures, allowing it to penetrate your skin more easily and more deeply.


Tip No. 3:  Deep moisturize whenever you can.  Don’t leave your skin hydrating needs to your daily moisturizing products because they’re simply not enough.  Encourage deep treatment with sheet masks and intense hydrating creams, inclduing the sleep packs from the Korean beauty stash.


Tip No. 4:  Put on sunscreen. Don’t rule out UV simply because Fall is generally characterized by cloudy and gloomy weather.  UV is lurking even in this shady season so don’t let yourself be fooled.  Many sunscreens can be damaging to your skin too so, make sure that your sunscreen is rid of chemical sunscreen actives.  It’s time to shift to mineral sunscreen alternatives.


Tip No. 5:  Never let very hot water touch your skinWhether you are cleansing your face or your body, it is never a good idea to cleanse or bathe with very hot water, no matter how freezing the Fall temperature may become.  Take only lukewarm baths and use only lukewarm water to cleanse your face with.


Tip No. 6:  Don’t leave out your lips.  Lips are frequently neglected as part of one’s skin.  Don’t make the same cardinal mistake.  Carry a deep moisturizing lip balm with you wherever you go as the Fall weather can make your lips vulnerable to windburn. Help your lips beat the cold with a well-formulated lip balm that’s designed for extremely cold weather.


Tip No. 7:  Refrain from unnecessarily exposing your skin to extreme environmental conditions.  Even when you are wearing all the best skincare products for women that you can get your hands on, these won’t be able to hold off dryness and damage if you do not deliberately try to avoid extreme environments.  Stay indoors whenever you can so that you can control and regulate the temp to a level you find comfortable for your skin.


Use a humidifier to keep indoor air from becoming too dry and therefore drying up your skin as well.  Always bring your mist with you so you can always spray on moisture all around you whenever you feel the air is too dry or too heavy on your skin.  Mists are most especially helpful when you are taking flights.


Steps To Keep Skin Well Maintain:






Enhance your skin’s moisture content some more by turning your back against long-wear, waterproof makeup that can leave your skin drier.  Go for nutritive cosmetics instead.  You’ll be surprised at the incredible choices you may find — hydrating foundations, eyelash conditioners, moisturizing pigments that dry down to a matte finish, among them.


Fall skincare should take careful consideration of the prevailing environmental conditions but, shouldn’t leave out your specific skin needs.  Neither should your regimen place your personal styling preferences in the backseat.  Believe it or not, you can have it all this Fall!


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