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3 simple tricks to improve your at-home barista skills

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Sick of reaching for your office’s less than stellar coffee pot for a morning buzz? You could swing by the over-priced coffee shop down the street, but daily store-bought java takes a serious toll on your wallet. Instead, consider these three modern brewing methods to improve your at-home barista skills without going to barista training and help with brewing the best cup of coffee before heading out the door each morning:

A French press isn’t as complicated as it seems.

This java contraption is a low tech, easy to transport way to make a delicious cup of coffee (or multiple cups, with a bigger model). The brewing process of pressing down on the grounds instead of using a paper filter allows for intense extraction of the coffee’s natural flavors. Store the device on your kitchen counter or office desk for convenient caffeine on demand.
Pro: Preserves coffee bean oils and offers intense extraction of flavor components.
Con: Clean-up can be a bit messier than other devices.
Recommended coffee ground: Coarse.

Get “under pressure” with a Moka pot.

This aesthetically pleasing Italian device is experiencing a resurgence thanks to its strong and flavorful coffee output. Every cup is super concentrated, brewing dark coffee that is similar in strength to conventional espresso makers. Masterfully capture sweet and spicy flavors, such as with new Gevalia Special Reserve Papua New Guinea Fine Ground, which is specially pre-ground for Moka pot brewing. Prettier than expensive electronic alternatives, this compact device is a surefire kitchen conversation starter.
Pro: Makes coffee or espresso concentrated, dense and flavorful.
Con: Requires careful supervision to avoid coffee burn.
Recommended coffee ground: Fine.

Pick up a pour over.

This simplistic method requires slow and steady pouring through a sturdy funnel stationed over your single coffee mug. You can easily control the strength of the coffee based on how much you measure into the pour over, and coffee is ready in no time – making for a speedy morning option. Coffee aficionados agree that pour overs highlight coffee’s complex rich, round and fruity notes with a cleaner taste than conventional coffee pots. Keep in mind that the slower the pour, the more flavorful the coffee.
Pro: Dishwasher safe and perfect for single person households.
Con: Demands pre-caffeinated focus to pour a steady coffee stream.
Recommended coffee ground: Fine.

Coffee does not have to be expensive or bitter in taste.

Use any of the above brewing methods in the comfort of your home for rewarding and rich coffee every time – your taste buds (and your bank account) will thank you. For at-home coffee inspiration or to learn more about the Gevalia Special Reserve line, visit Gevalia’s Facebook page.


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