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5 Of The Most Popular Diamond Cuts Today

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Are you wondering which diamond cut would go best with your wedding ring? Do you know your cushions from your Asschers? In this article, we are going to explore some of the basic, and most popular, diamond shapes to choose from. Read on to find out more and which one would best suit you and your partner’s personalities best!

While you’re reading, it’s important to realize that the term “diamond cut” doesn’t refer to the shape of the stone. While the diamond has to be cut to create the shape, the shape is really the geometry of the diamond, or its form. The cut, however, is the stone’s proportions and facets – the elements that give the stones their fire and brilliance. Let’s take a look at 5 classic cuts, all available in the most elegant collection of wedding rings in Sydney.

Round Cut – The Most Classic of Cuts

Typically referred to as a round brilliant cut, this cut is the most common shape for wedding and engagement rings. The round cut was first created in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky and the cut has 58 facets. These facets cause light to bounce from the bottom of the stone upwards, giving it a sensational sparkle. This is a versatile shape that is timeless and elegant and sure to give you the most sparkle for your budget!

Princess Cut Diamonds

In 1961, jewellery designer, Arpad Nagy, invented the princess cut – a square-shaped diamond with a variety of intricate facets. Since then, women have been swooning over the glittering shape for their rings. Princess cuts are somewhat fun and flirty and the second most popular diamond shape. Since the stone has more sparkle and pointed corners, wearers enjoy added brilliance and less noticeable flaws.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

If you love glitz and glamour, this is the diamond for you. Emeralds are rectangular in shape with lean and long facets that extend down the sides. The flat part on top of the diamond shows off its clarity better than any other cut. What emerald cuts lack in brilliant they make up for sheer elegance. This cut was crafted during the Art Deco period and the cut corners look somewhat similar to steps, giving the cut the nickname, “step cut.”

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asschers are almost identical to emerald cut diamonds, but they are square. The dramatic cut evokes a rather 1920’s Art Deco feel and boasts a chunky profile with stepped sides and clipped corners. The Asscher brothers of Amsterdam created the cut in 1902 and enjoyed huge popularity right through to the 1930’s; and today is a favourite amongst vintage-style and antique lovers. 

The Most Romantic Cut of All – The Cushion

There’s no doubt you want the very best diamond for your wedding ring. If that is the case then, the cushion cut is for you. This cut is often referred to as a pillow cut and looks rectangular in shape with rounded corners and much larger facets which increase their brilliance. This was one of the most popular shapes a century ago and cushion cuts date back to a time of pure elegance and romance. They are ideal for those diamond lovers who care about clarity.



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