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6 Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into a Luxurious 5 Star Retreat

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If you’ve ever stayed in a luxury four or five-star hotel, you’ll know that they are entirely focused on comfort. Everything in the room is designed to help guests relax, unwind, and forget any stresses or worries that may exist outside of the space. The main aim is to give you a sleep that you’ll never forget and the chance to indulge in the finest products and features.

So, if a luxury hotel room can give you all of this, you probably can’t get that same feeling anywhere else, right? Well, actually, the good news is that a five-star bedroom is more attainable than you might think. The key is in the details and all of them can be picked up at surprisingly low prices. If you want a bedroom that feels fit for royalty, it’s time to start shopping.

This guide to some of the luxurious (but affordable) products that can transform your bedroom will tell you all you need to know.

Memory Foam Mattress

There are all kinds of reasons to invest in a memory foam mattress. They are great for posture and a healthy spine because they support the body during sleep. They help to minimise fidgeting by spreading your weight across the surface and preventing pressure points. They’re also a lot more durable than conventional mattresses and won’t sag in the middle over time.

1,000 Thread Count Sheets

You’ll have a tough job finding a more luxurious bedroom item than 1,000 thread count sheets. Traditionally, they were very expensive, but prices have dropped significantly over the last five years. The quality remains high, however, and sleeping on sheets as soft as this really needs to be experienced to be believed. Yes, they’re pricey compared to regular bedsheets, but you’ll never go back once you’ve spent a night with these.

Scented Candles

You can pick up scented candles for no more than a few dollars. They are extremely affordable, but they add something very important to a bedroom – pleasant odours. When you walk into a luxury hotel, you can smell the freshness and cleanness of the room. They always have that just laundered aroma. You can replicate it, without washing your sheets every single day, by placing scented votives and essential oils about the room.

Blackout Curtains

It is important to remember that a great bedroom is about more than just the size of the bed. You can have the silkiest sheets in the world, but if it’s too light to get any sleep, you’ll still wake up tired and irritable. This is why most hotels have blackout liners on their curtains. They block light from outside (both daylight and artificial light) so that you can drift off peacefully.

Down Pillows

If you’ve got the comfy mattress and the kingly sheets, all that is left to add is the super soft pillows. Down is the best choice, as it doesn’t become lumpy and uneven after prolonged use. The surface always stays flat and you can squish, contort, and squeeze them and they’ll still spring back into shape. 

Crisp, Clean Décor

To really get that five-star vibe, white is the colour you want. It might feel a little dull, but there’s no getting around the fact that all the best hotels in the world are decorated in crisp, clean white. They liven things up with pops and splashes of colour, in the form of scatter pillows, area rugs, picture frames, and vases.

Why a Little Bit of Luxury Goes a Long Way

We spend a third of our entire lives asleep. This is a remarkable amount of time, so it really does make sense to invest in the best possible products for your bedroom. Getting a good sleep, every night, will keep you energised, boost your immune system, and help regulate your mood. In other words, you’ll feel like a million dollars both inside and outside the bedroom.

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