A Dress to Distress | 5 Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid This Summer

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Something about the impending Summer brings the child out in all of us.

Unfortunately for some, it also brings back the fashion of that childhood.
Even the most fashion-conscious person’s ideas of what to wear can go right out the window the second warmer temperature suddenly hits. We end up caught off guard, leaving the house wearing 80’s skorts, thongs and socks. Fashion trends change but some things are permanently off putting to other humans.

So, to save you from creating any unwanted attention this year we’ve compiled a quick list of no-no’s to save you from yourself.

Clothes that don’t fit

Baggy bikini bottoms and swimwear straps that cut into you like an overstuffed sausage aren’t comfortable, and they definitely aren’t sexy. There’s an amazing variety of swimwear out this year, so it’s time to invest in something that suits your body type perfectly. Fella Swimwear have a great variety of the coming seasons styles.

A lot of girls like to show off their belly with too low cut pants and end up with spillage (aka the notorious muffin top). Spillage is for oil rigs, not for clothing, so you should do your best to contain it. Choose a size that fits you, or a higher waist that gently holds you without squeezing you to death. Embrace and accentuate your curves, but don’t wear clothes that cut into them.

Clown face

Pick softer,muted, golden shades of makeup if you must wear makeup to the beach. It’s better to avoid nightclub makeup during the day, in the outdoors it looks garish and tacky.
Even in Winter, the overly highlighted and sharp dark lines strobed heavily across many women’s faces are unflattering. Perhaps in a well-positioned snapchat photo this look might pass, but it’s honestly not fooling anyone in real-life, especially in daylight. This look is a no-no and you need to stop.

Clothes that don’t flatter
I’m all for wearing what you want at any age, but some things just look unflattering on us as we get older, and one of them is too much skin.  Denim cut offs should be reserved for 15-year-old girls, on anyone else it’s probably not the classy look that you want to portray. Unless you enjoy embarrassing your kids by having your backside on display, choosing a longer, figure hugging style is way more sexy than bare legs.

Try not to be too trendy. This may sound contradictory but wearing clothes just because every second girl on Instagram is wearing it right now, can make you look like you care too much about what others think. Just because it’s popular for fifteen minutes, doesn’t mean it suits you. Cargo shorts for example visually cut off your legs, and they suit no one.There are very few styles that suit all body types and ages.

Inappropriate shoes

For some reason it’s become socially acceptable to wear thongs everywhere. Personally, I feel thongs are for the beach only, anywhere else a pair of classy sandals are more comfortable. It’s never ok to wear thongs out to dinner.

Don’t go to the beach or anywhere outdoors in heels, if you’ve ever tried to walk in grass or sand in a heel you’ll know why.

Unprepped body

We’ve all been caught off guard suddenly after 8 months of hibernation, baring spotty pale legs, yellow curled toenails and ape-like hair spilling out of a high cut bikini. Weeks before the weather gets hot, get a pedicure or DIY with a kit Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals. Remove your bodily hair now before you forget and step out of the house looking like a cactus, start a gradual tan to avoid tan lines and without being covered in orange streaks.

The overriding rule is to never to wear clothes you’re not 100% comfortable in. Avoid wearing a bikini you might fall out of or a skirt that needs constant adjustment to cover your rear end. Have fun with your fashion, enjoy experimenting and when you go shopping try EVERYTHING on. The more you try the more you’ll learn about what suits you, what you love, and what you should never go near.

In this digital age where everything we do is captured for everyone to see, hopefully this guide helps you to look back on pictures from this summer, without cringing for many years to come.





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