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Complementing Your Dress And Wedding Ring With Bridal Jewelry

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Typically, your engagement ring and your wedding ring shine brightly on your big day while your stunning wedding dress also shares the stage. However, this often means that the rest of your wedding day jewelry becomes an afterthought.  It can be challenging sometimes to select pieces that complement both the look of your dress and your wedding ring, without clashing with your tiara, your veil or your facial structure.


Try using some of these tips to find some high-quality and beautiful bridal jewelry:


  • Begin by selecting some of the best wedding rings at Delphi Diamonds if you haven’t already bought your wedding rings. You’ll find a stunning array of both individual rings and sets, complete with intricate detailing and set in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Consider making your rings even more special by engraving them with your names and your wedding date.
  • Select bridal jewellery that allows your wedding band to shine. Let it be its own star, no matter what kind of style or finish your ring is, and instead base your bridal jewellery more on the style of your wedding gown. Consider pairing an antique bracelet or pendant with an ivory gown and more shiny modern jewelry for modern edgier bridal dresses.
  • Don’t shop for your bridal jewellery until you’ve purchased not only your wedding rings, but your wedding gown, veil and tiara because you don’t want to over accessorize and have too many gems surrounding your face.
  • Choose your earrings carefully. Remember to consider your tiara and your veil as well as the style of your necklace.  You can never go wrong with picking superior quality diamond earrings.  If you want to participate in the time-honoured tradition of wearing something blue, consider getting a diamond and blue sapphire earrings and bracelet set made. Otherwise, choose earrings that flatter your entire look and don’t compete with it, making simple diamond earrings an excellent choice.
  • Base your necklace choice off of the neckline of your dress. If your dress features intricate beading and gems, consider skipping a necklace or choosing a classic pearl necklace with a diamond pendant. However, if your gown features the new asymmetrical look, you may want to skip the necklace and just focus on dangly earrings or a stylish bracelet.
  • Forgo wearing a watch on the big day. It will clash with everything else so you’re better leaving your wrist bare or wearing a diamond bracelet.


Don’t stress about everything matching perfectly.  You can easily pull off wearing both old and new pieces so that following the time-honoured tradition of wearing “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue,” is easier than you thought. Try wearing your grandmother’s antique bracelet and pair it with a set bridal jewellery set of earrings and pendant. As long as you select something that’s a similar style or era, you’ll be all set and look absolutely stunning.

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