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How to Activate the Timeout-Button and Relax Your Brain

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When there are 94 new emails sat in your inbox, you’ve spilt coffee on your shoes, and the weekend feels like it will never arrive, life can seem like a bit of a chore. We all get stressed out from time to time. It is a natural part of living in the information age, where everything moves fast and you’ve got to keep up or fall behind.

Yet, stress has a much bigger impact on health than most people realise. It can lower the immune system, make you vulnerable to things like flu, and stop you from feeling vital and energetic. This is why it shouldn’t just be tolerated. Stress might be normal, but it doesn’t have to define you. There are plenty of effective ways to eliminate it and make yourself feel good.

If you suffer from stress or anxiety on a daily basis, try some of these soothing techniques.

Treat Yourself to a Massage

Massage therapy is a wonderful way to slow down, stop thinking at a million miles a minute, and just enjoying being still. It is hugely beneficial for physical health because it stimulates blood flow and encourages healthy circulation. This can soothe all manner of persistent aches, pains, and minor ailments. When you feel healthy, you think healthy too. Treat yourself to a massage the next time that you’re under pressure and need a break.

Drink Green Tea

Tea has long been used as a comfort device and some herbal varieties take this one step further by actually altering the chemicals in your brain. Green tea, for example, contains a substance called L-theanine. It lowers stress hormones and soothes feelings of anger.

Keep Your Wrists Cool

If your day at the office is turning into a real nightmare, take five minutes out and head to the bathroom. Something as simple as cooling the wrists with cold water can instantly soothe the brain. This is because there are major arteries here and giving them some relief will produce a whole body change. This technique works for behind the ears as well.

Find the Natural Light

Whether you’re at home or at work, natural light is important for your wellbeing. If you spend all day in a dim office, you’re bound to feel a little agitated by the end of the afternoon. If possible, head outside for a break and just enjoy the feeling of the sun on your face. If the weather is grim and likely to put you in an even worse mood, try exposing yourself to pleasant, natural smells. Fresh flowers and aromatherapy oils are perfect for this.

Concentrate on a Trivial Task

Ironically, distracting the brain with a complex (but essentially meaningless) task can take your mind off more pressing pressures and strains. You might be a fan of crosswords, for example. When you’re feeling stressed, pick one up and give your brain a change of direction. The best thing about puzzles is that you take as long as you like; pick them up and put them back down as it suits. 

Make Yourself Laugh

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of a chuckle. While the internet is often a source of stress (particularly for office workers), it is also a great place to find light relief. It doesn’t matter what it is – a skateboarding dog, a cute baby, or a silly spoof song – indulge your inner child and get giggling. You’ll feel better right away.

Why Dealing with Stress Is Important For Your Health

Stress is more than just a mental strain. It disrupts sleep cycles, leads to aches and pains, and makes the body vulnerable to illness. It should be dealt with in a proactive manner and managed in small, simple ways throughout the week. Develop habits that are geared towards alleviating your stress levels and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to indulgences – busy schedules and hectic routines are tough, you definitely deserve rewards for keeping up with them.

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