Losing Weight and Belly Fat with Protein Shakes: What’s This All About

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Protein shakes are drinks received from mixing protein powder with fluid and designed for increasing the efficacy of weight loss or muscle building. Likewise, they can be added to dietary as high-quality protein. Find more information about protein shakes at  On the market, there are the following types of plant-based protein powder containing all the essential BCAA:

  • whey protein – a quick release dairy-based protein;
  • casein protein – a slow release dairy-based protein;
  • soy protein isolated from soybeans;
  • hemp protein high in omega-3 and omega-6 fats;
  • rice protein low in the essential amino acid lysine;
  • pea protein low in the non-essential amino acids cystine and methionine.

Which type of protein to choose?

Different types of protein have different properties essential for various purposes, yet the core factor is the quality of the protein. For example, whey is good to reduce hunger for a short period of time. It is also effective in losing weight and muscle building.

Furthermore, whey, casein, and soy protein contain all the necessary amino acids while other types are low in some essential and non-essential amino acids. As a rule, plant-based protein mix different sources to complement the amino acid content.

Hunger and appetite reduce

Protein is great to decrease the appetite as it increases level of GLP-1, PYY and CCK hormones and you don’t want to eat for the longer time. For instance, when you have protein-rich foods for breakfast, you consume 135 calories fewer during the day. According to a number of studies, a portion of shake containing 20 grams of protein is sufficient as one meal replacement or snack.

Metabolism increase

Your metabolism depends in particular on the amount of protein you consume. So you burn more calories each day, which means you lose weight (including fat). Likewise, high-protein nutrition combined with active training enables you to build muscles more rapidly.

Weight and belly fat loss

Apart from facilitating your weight loss, high-protein dietary also helps you decrease fat in the belly area. For example, consuming 25% of calories as protein during a year, you lose 10% more belly fat. Thus, protein shakes are good for losing extra kilograms as well as for improving your body shape.

Prevention of weight re-gains

After you’ve lost the desired amount of fat, it’s necessary to monitor your nutrition in order to avoid weight re-gain. Protein can be helpful in maintaining your result as it boosts metabolism and decreases appetite. Research show us that high-protein dietary helps prevent gain too much weight after it was lost.

To sum it all up

Now you know that protein shakes can function as meal replacements for more effective weight loss. Consider only they can’t fully substitute a proper nutrition.


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