Planning a Fab Bachelorette Party

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When your best friend asks you to organize her bachelorette party, it’s a sign that she really trusts your judgement but it can also put a lot of pressure on you to deliver and meet her expectations.

But don’t stress – as long as you plan well, the big night or long weekend is bound to be a success. Use these tips to make your job easier.

Who’s Coming?

You’re probably pretty close to the bride-to-be, but you may not know all her friends. Here’s somewhere you can ask for her involvement – you don’t want to invite people she’s no longer that fond of, or who won’t get along with each other. If there are too many strong personalities who might clash, consider splitting the event into different parts, with a safe option such as a day at the spa for the mother-in-law and work friends to come to, and save the wild partying for the evening.


Make sure you choose a date that is far away enough from the wedding itself for everyone to recover afterwards. Also, give everyone as much notice as possible so that they are more likely to be available. When you’ve got an idea of numbers, think about the budget. You don’t want to make it prohibitively expensive for any of the guests, but you also want to make it special for the bride – you have to strike the right balance. Be firm about when you need deposits and payments from attendees – you don’t want to be left out of pocket.

As the date approaches, double-check that everyone knows the plan, where you’re meeting and what activities are booked in. Send out an itinerary with cell numbers for everyone going. Have a meeting point to assemble at in case anyone gets lost. Try and pace yourselves so that you don’t crash too early – make sure that the schedule includes some times to eat and get re-hydrated with soft drinks.


Las vegas” (CC BY 2.0) by Moyan_Brenn

The bride-to-be may want the venue to be a surprise, but she may also drop some pretty heavy hints about what she has in mind. For instance, Las Vegas has always been one of the most popular destinations in the USA for a bachelorette party and in an online survey conducted this summer by Statistic Brain, 35% of the visitors to Vegas are there to attend a bachelorette or bachelor party. This is the ultimate party town – and the choice of entertainment is so vast that you really can please everyone – no matter how diverse your bachelorette grouping is.

Of course, one of the main highlights in Sin City is to try your luck at the gaming tables, so you should certainly make sure you spend some time in one of the big casinos. Don’t arrive as a novice player though – sign up to a mobile casino like Mr Spin and get some practice in ahead of the party date. It’s now easier than ever to play mobile casino games as you can deposit by phone, meaning that it’s not necessary to share your credit card details. What’s more, you’ll get £5 when you refer a friend to the Mr Spin site, which means you can get the other guests to familiarize themselves with the games too.

Vegas isn’t for everyone, though, so make sure you run the particular ideas you have through with a number of the attendees to make sure the majority are happy with the plans. It’s almost impossible to please everyone, but you should reach a consensus pretty quickly, and remember the one you really need to please is the bride-to-be.

Relax and Enjoy

lots to talk about on the way home!” (CC BY 2.0) by aprillynn77

You’re bound to have some stressful moments when planning a bachelorette party, but remember this is supposed to be about having fun. And remember, what will matter most to your friend is the thoughts and efforts you put into organizing her big party.



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