Reasons to Add Serum to your Skin Care Routine

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We tend to care most about our skin because it is superficial to our body and any damage caused to its natural composition is clearly visible. Also, because our facial skin is the most delicate and vulnerable, we are conscious about it. As a result, almost all of us are now indulged in a consistent skin care routine to fight against daily damage. Various skin care products have been widely accepted and used to overcome or cease any kind of vandalism meted out to our skin. A facial serum is one of the most competent essentials of the entire skin care range. It provides a lightweight treatment to the damaged skin cells, by penetrating deep into them. Compared to moisturizers, serums have high concentrations of active ingredients that battle a wide array of skin anxiety.

Let us now collate a few reasons to justify our claims regarding benefits of using a serum.

  • Hydrates Skin: As stated earlier, a facial serum is made up of numerous nourishing elements and vitamins. Oil or water form the base while manufacturing this product, which makes its molecules comparably smaller. Consequently, it has a naturally thin texture which allows it to travel deep into the skin layers and hydrate them. Moisturizers, on the other hand, have a large molecular structure which hinders it from penetrating deep into the skin. A dehydrated skin in the root cause of all skin issues, from skin sagging to aging. However, application of serum can solve the issue by transporting ample amount of water and restoring moisture in the skin layers.
  • No Fillers: If you have an extremely sensitive skin or a skin type which is prone to breakouts, then a facial serum is the ultimate remedy for you. It helps in the passage of minerals, peptides and stem cells through the outermost layer of your skin. The water consistency of a serum helps reducing breakout issues.
  • Anti Aging Benefits: There are countless serums for various skin issues. Making use of an appropriate serum throughout will show rapid results. The antioxidant properties of a Dermology anti aging skin serum help reducing redness of the skin. An anti aging skin care treatment would definitely include a facial serum, which brightens and firms the skin and thus forms the best anti aging skincare routine.
  • Specific Serum For Specific Skin Types And Issues: We face numerous skin issues these days, right from basic troubles like acne to some critical ones, like eczema. It is advised to choose the right serum to target a specific skin issue, as an appropriately chosen serum can effectively fight the skin issue it has been picked for. For instance, a hyluronic acid serum effectively repairs blemishes and acne. For a normal skin type, a wide variety of serums can be used, while for a sensitive skin, one needs to be extra careful, as high concentration of active ingredients might cause slight irritation. Choosing a relatively gentle serum would solve your purpose.
  • It Is Never Too Early Or Late To Use Serums: Skin serums are skin care products that can be introduced in your routine, any given day. There is no age bar that defines its usage. Since its constituents are mild and nearly organic, they hardly have any negative effects on the skin, when used carefully and as directed. You may very well begin using the aptly chosen serum right before you plan to add anti aging products into your skin care regime.

The theory of human evolution indicates that with the physical development of humans, evolved their bodily complications. Today, we cannot help but thank medical sciences for apprising us with this vital fact over the past centuries and providing us with effective remedies, such as skin serums, to battle chronic skin issues.



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