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Time to Grow a Thicker Beard!

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Remember the older, wiser men from the movies, the tribal heads, kings? They always sported a beard. Throughout history, the beard, a symbol of manliness, was associated with wisdom, power, leadership and virility. The tradition seemed to have passed on. Men these days flaunt their mustaches and beards with great pride, like a lion taming its mane. If you’re on tenterhooks to spot a mustache, a fashionable beard, or a goatee, you’re probably wondering about the wildest ways to grow facial hairs faster.

It’s definitely possible to accelerate the process of natural hair growth by supplementing stimulants and vitamins. But before you go head-on with the rapid hair growth therapy, you must choose the best facial hair growth products. Follow these simple rules to trigger the  hair growth process:


Give your beard some gears to grow

It might sound evident, but a protein-rich diet with minimal stress and ample sleep can help you grow a beard quicker. Stress is one of the funding factors for hair loss, may reverse the effects of rapid hair growth. Protein gives you the vital nutrients to grow more hair, and sleep in the required amount is crucial to put it all into place.  Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will also regulate a healthy and thick hair growth.

Follow the 4-week rule

Give your beard some time to connect; a 4-week timeline is essential. Many lack patience, and don’t follow the timeline. In fact, they falsely believe their beard is patchy – it doesn’t have enough coverage to connect for  a “full beard” appearance.

Commit– Growing a beard requires a lot of commitment. In a few days time, you can easily grow a stubble. But growing a full beard requires liberal patience and commitment. Don’t start shaping your beard when it’s very small; give it some time to grow before you start with your handy artwork.

Start using beard oil As soon as the beard grows, start using beard oil. It gives your beard a healthy and youthful look. It’s one of the rapid facial hair growth products that are found to be effective.

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Yes, hormones affect hair growth!

Testosterone, the male hormone, is responsible for the creation of hair follicles. The more testosterone you have, the more likely you’re to grow a full beard. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a byproduct of testosterone, plays an enormous part in the formation and growth of facial hair. You can increase your testosterone and DHT levels to cultivate a thicker beard.

  1. Exercise – Shredding excessive weight increases testosterone production. Intensive exercise bursts are proven for the increased levels of testosterone and DHT. In particular, exercises like weightlifting and strength-oriented high-intensity interval training will boost your hormone levels.


  1. Diet – Stick to a nutritious, healthy, and vitamin-rich diet. Eat foods that have a profusion of minerals and vitamins. Eat plenty of protein-rich foods, since hair is a protein filament. Cruciferous vegetables, kale, eggs, Brazil nuts, and others such foods can also increase your testosterone levels.


  1. Facial massage – You must exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Removing the dead skin cells will promote facial hair growth. You can improve blood circulation on your face by going for facial massages that are capable of stimulating new hair follicles.

Take enough supplements

If you’re already on a well-balanced diet, then supplements may not be essential. However, your body might require some excessive minerals and vitamins to speed up the hair growth. Minerals – iron, selenium, zinc, copper and magnesium; and vitamins – vitamin E, vitamins B1, B6, and B12 are especially useful in helping your hair grow faster.  Gooseberry oil is one natural remedy for hastening your facial hair growth. You can make a regular massage of this oil, and let it rest on your beard for 15-20 minutes for a thicker beard.

Be patient and wait for your beard to grow, while following these simple procedures to hasten the process. You can soon sport a beard and bring out the masculinity within you.


Sarah Ghanem is a happy Muslimah who is passionate about modern, yet modest Islamic clothing for women. She is always on the lookout for the latest trends and styles, and she happily shares her ideas with readers from all over the world.

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