Treasures of the Mediterranean

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Are you tired of rain and clouds? Do you need a break from the grind of the routine? When everything seems humdrum, it’s time to put on those wandering boots. If there’s a spot richer in beautiful destinations than the Mediterranean, then it hasn’t been discovered yet. The cradle of European history has been known for thousands of years as heaven on earth. With so many incredible destinations, it can be hard to decide where to go first. Here are some of our standouts.

The Fancy French Riviera

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Is there a place in the world that feels more decadent and luxurious than the French Riviera? Côte d’Azur, the world-famous stretch of coastline in the southeast of France (and let’s not forget Monaco), has been the playground for the rich and famous for decades. It’s no wonder, really. All the stars flock there in the spring for the legendary annual Cannes Film Festival, then stay to enjoy the glamorous yacht holidays. The glamour, however, is not the only thing that the Riviera has to offer. Beautiful beaches stretch the length of the coast, and if you stray inland from the beach you can enjoy the dreamlike lavender fields and ancient olive groves. And, if there’s one thing the French are famous for, it’s turning food into a near religious experience. The cheeses, wines, olives, sun-drenched tomatoes and fresh seafood lend themselves to the most revered cuisine in the world.

Royal Spain

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Spain has long been a synonym for passion and pleasure. Its coast offers everything you imagine, and much more. The standout is, of course, Barcelona. One of the most fascinating cities in the world, Barcelona is most famous for quirky, yet exquisite architectural wonders of Antoni Gaudí. The Sagrada Familia church, La Pedrera building and Park Güell are just some of the unique and enchanting sites to behold in this coastal city. Equally gorgeous locations await outside of big cities as well. The whole coast is a rich tapestry of wild landscapes, romantic villages, excellent cuisine and the passion of flamenco. In short, Spain is all about good life. The people here have transformed pleasure and the love of life into an art form. With so much to see and do, a cruise holiday to Spain might be the best choice. That way you won’t miss the glory of the Balearic Islands – the never-ending party of Ibiza, the quiet of Menorca and the chic Mallorca.

The Striking Amalfi Coast, Italy

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The Amalfi, a gorgeous patch of coast in Southern Italy is such a natural treasure that UNESCO has placed it on the World Heritage List, for its great physical beauty and natural diversity. The beauty of the region is full of contrasts and drama. Rugged mountains drop into the foaming waves, among lush forests and the rich scent of pines and lemons. Among this natural wonderland, high on the cliffs and speckled along the coast, lie picturesque towns. The medieval port of Positano is the favorite holiday spot for celebrities. The sophisticated Ravello, hidden high up in the hills has historically been the favorite safe haven for writers, artists and musicians, such as Wagner and Virginia Woolf. The best place to start your exploration of the coast is Sorrento, the gateway to Amalfi. The town on the cliffs above the Bay of Naples offers world class diving and fishing, colorful, narrow streets and the typical Italian laid back feel.

The Sapphire Adriatic Sea

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With its many islands, the Adriatic coast is fast becoming one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations. Croatia and Montenegro sit side by side along the rugged, mountainous coast. The area owes its stunning stone towns to its rich history, during which it was a playground for the Venetian Republic. The waters of the Adriatic are an otherworldly, striking blue, and the beaches, both pebbly and sandy, are aplenty. For a once in a lifetime experience, make sure to visit Dubrovnik, but don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve seen it before. The town is so fascinating, it gets to pose as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones.

It’s impossible to visit the Med without falling in love. If you can’t decide on where to go first, or you don’t want to visit only one place, you should consider cruising the Mediterranean. It makes sense when you realize it has everything you could possibly ask for. Beautiful beaches? Check. Gourmet food? Check. Fascinating historical and cultural sites? Check. Friendly people? Check. Heaven, indeed.


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