Unlocking The Secrets Of Anti-Aging Skincare Products

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Still looking for the fountain of youth, are you? If yes, now is the time to stop. Because to be very truthful, there is no such thing. You just cannot fight the hands of time and just like that you also cannot stop aging too. For some it begins to show on their dry, scaly hands, for the others, it’s either the hair or the fine lines on their face. However, an illusion of youth can always be created. For this very reason, the skin care industry flourished.

But, the fact is that with such an advancement in technology, the skin care industry has managed to create powerful ingredients that actually work. Unaware of it, if you are then let’s unlock the secrets of those products together.


Retinol: Retinol is a natural antioxidant, a derivative of vitamin A widely used in the anti aging creams across the world. It is also one of the most effective over the counter anti-aging ingredients that can be used to smoothen wrinkles, unclog pores, lighten superficial brown spots and even improve the texture of the skin. However, because of its potency, skin irritation is one of the common side effects, especially in the direct sunlight. To avoid this sensitivity, use retinol based products at night and be sure to apply a moisturizer every morning.


Hyaluronic acid: Acid is a word when added to something, is automatically thought to be harsh and abrasive in nature. But, on the contrary, hyaluronic acid can be said to be completely the opposite of that image created. It practically draws out water from skin that lies below the surface and the air that surrounds the person. This, in turn, adds to the moisturizer’s hydrating qualities and thus simultaneously spurs new collagen production. So, look for a lotion or a cream that contains hyaluronic acid such as the natural anti aging cream by Dermology.


Deanol: Deanol or dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) is one of the natural ingredients of LifeCell cream. In various studies, it has proven to have a positive effect on facial sag and the firmness of the skin. Therefore, for this very reason, topical deanol has often been known as the facelift in a jar. This magical ingredient in LifeCell on the other hand also helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. It can be however used as a topical treatment or included as a supplement in your nutrition too. Both types of applications are considered absolutely safe.


L-ascorbic acid: This is yet another fancy name for vitamin C on which most of the skin related research has been done. It was found that when  ascorbic acid is properly formulated, it helps to create a firmer feeling and a younger looking skin where the signs of uneven tone seem to disappear. Ascorbic acid also helps the skin’s surface to rebuff the external stresses and exposure to the elements. Therefore, it is considered as a powerhouse when mixed with other potent antioxidants. Next time do not forget to look for L-ascorbic acid in the ingredient list.


Alpha hydroxy acids: Unlike other acids, alpha hydroxy acid is a wonderful exfoliator. It gently dissolves the glue that holds the surface skin cells together, letting the dead cells slough away to reveal the ever glowing skin underneath. This process is the one that encourages the cell turnover, which usually slows down with age. Getting rid of the dead skin cells allows the moisturizers, serums, and the skin treatment to penetrate the skin and eventually work more effectively. But, look for products that contain no more than 8% of AHAs. Using it in higher concentration can make the skin extra sensitive to the sun.


At the end of the day behind everything you put on, you on the inside and outside will still be you. So, do not rely solely on the expensive skin care regime. Instead, opt for a rather balanced life by living healthy too. The secret to anti-aging products cannot do wonders alone. All they can do is, add to the strong foundation you have built from the inside out.




Hi, I am Aliceie Rodriquez, a rabid health and skincare aficionado. My inspiration lies in all things healthy and skin friendly. I'm living my words, currently using life cell anti ageing cream and recommend it highly.

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