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Whilst some may take pleasure in packing our fashion necessities for a weekend trip or annual vacation, many of us can find the process extremely difficult and stressful. Finding the balance between taking enough clothing to get you through the week, whilst packing light enough to not get slammed with additional baggage charges at the airport is a real skill. It all seemed so much easier when we were in our twenties and our holiday wardrobe consisted of minuscule sundresses and denim cut-offs. But as we get older staying stylish whilst travelling is something we really need to consider whilst packing.

So if you’re looking for some simple tips which should help make packing for your next vacation a breeze, keep reading. We have done all the hard work for you, speaking with a number of reputable fashion stylists in order to create a foolproof guide to staying stylish whilst travelling.

Stick with the basics

Try to fill the majority of your suitcase with basic items that will make outfit planning simple. Basics are usually easier to style and interchangeable so having these with you will mean more outfit options during your trip. Try to avoid packing too many statement items that are difficult to mix and match. Instead, pick a handful of your favourite key pieces that you know work well with the staple items in your holiday wardrobe. Packing in this way means you avoid having to pack an entire outfit for every day of the trip. When choosing which basics to take stick with pieces that work well for both day and night time activities.

Work with layers

Layering is a great way of getting the most of out the clothing you take away with you, as items such as scarves or sarongs are perfect for quickly transforming a simple day look into an evening look. Scarfs, sarongs and other layering pieces also tend to take up less room in your luggage!

Use accessories to dress up your outfits

Similar to your clothing choices it’s wise not to go overboard with the jewellery or accessories you choose to take away with you. Pick pieces that work with the majority of your outfits and that can be mixed and matched to create a number of different looks. A pair of simple day-time studs, a more dressy pair of hoops, a simple necklace and your watch should often be all you need when it comes to jewellery. It’s also important to remember that you may want to do a spot of shopping throughout your trip and key accessories such as bags, jewellery and sunglasses can often be purchased whilst buying other holiday gifts. Not only is this sometimes an excellent way of incorporating the destinations signature style into your holiday wardrobe, but you also get to take home a small reminder of your time away!

Carefully consider your destination prior to packing

This goes without saying, but it’s essential that you do some research into the destination before you do your packing! There is no need to be packing a warm winter coat if you’re lucky enough to be heading somewhere warm like Mauritius. You should also check the weather forecast to see if there’s any weather that you’re not expecting. Generally, packing for warmer weather is always a little easier as shorts and t-shirts take up less room than jeans and sweaters. You should also be aware of packing clothing that is appropriate for the country’s cultural and political climate. Although you are going to be a tourist it’s important that you are respectful of the country’s culture and beliefs. Yes, you want to remain stylish, but you also want to fit in and not look rude or inappropriate.

Following the above guide should make packing your next trip a little less stressful.



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