5 Ways to Enlarge Your Breasts without Surgery

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Most of us have one or two things we would like to change about our bodies. Some would like to be taller, some to have better hair, others smaller nose. In a culture centred on physical appearance it is very hard not to strive for a perfect look.

When it comes to women, the most common thing they would change is their breasts. The reasons for this may vary. Some ladies simply want to look good in low cut dresses, others want to attract the attention of the opposite sex. In any case, many women feel uneasy when talking about surgery and implants and seek ways to enlarge their breasts without operation. For all those ladies, here are 5 ways to enlarge your breasts without the need to go under the scalpel.

Create an Illusion

Women who are not interested in actually enlarging their breasts, but simply want the effects larger breasts create in low cut garments, there are two solutions. First one is a good bra. Sometimes, it comes down to wearing the right bra size. It is not uncommon that women buy bras that are not suited for their particular build. Therefore, you should take time to calculate your size and find a type of bra that best suits your needs.

The second trick to make you look bustier is make-up. Contouring has recently become popular and it does not apply only to face, but to cleavage too. The first thing you’ll need is a bronzer that has shimmer. It creates illusion of depth and makes curves look bigger. Make sure your skin is dry, and then use brush to apply bronzer in the form of a ‘v’ shape between breasts. Then you should use a face powder whose tone is slightly darker than your skin and create darker lines on the outside of the ‘v’. When you blend these shades you will create an impression of larger breasts.


For those who are willing to put some effort, there are couple of exercises that can help you increase the volume of your breasts. Although your breasts are basically adipose tissue, behind that fat are pectoral muscles that can lift up breasts and make them look bigger.

First exercise is the good old push-ups. In terms of chest exercises, this one is still among the best, and you don’t need any equipment. Try to do them correctly (keep your back straight) and aim to increase the number of repetitions to 15. You don’t need to do more than two sets.

For the second exercise you’ll need a pair of dumbbells and a bench. Lay on the bench holding a dumbbell in each hand, with your feet on the floor. Position your arms so that they are at 90 degree angle to your torso. Hold the dumbbells at shoulder level and parallel to the floor. Push the dumbbells up, stretching your arms. When dumbbells touch, bring them down again to the start position. Again, you should do two sets with 15 repetitions for this exercise.

The last one is called dumbbell flyes and the start position is similar, but now arms are stretched in front of you holding dumbbells, with elbows slightly bent. Lower your arms so that they are in line with your shoulders and at 90-degree angle with your body. Keep them stretched, and keep elbows slightly bent. When you feel the stretch in your pectoral muscles, raise your arms to the starting position. The number of sets and repetitions is the same as for previous two exercises.

Pumps that Enlarge Breasts

For those who do not get excited by the thought of doing exercises, there are pumps that can substitute for sweaty time in the gym. However, you’ll need the same amount of motivation and dedication as with exercises. The pumps create a mild suction that makes blood flow in the tissue of your breasts, thus facilitating its growth. The first results should be visible after three months, but you must use the pump continuously.

Pills for Breast Enlargement

For those not willing to go through the effort of using the above mentioned methods, but are still against plastic surgery, there are easier ways. One of them is breast enhancement pills, which are considered the most popular non-surgical way of making your breasts bigger. The pills consist of mixture of herbs, including ginkgo biloba and ginseng, which increases your breast size and tends to your overall health. Just be sure to buy one of the trusted brands.

Adjust your Diet

Believe it or not, there are certain types of food that can help you enlarging your breasts. You should not expect miracles, but if you include avocado, alfalfa sprouts, milk, nuts, seafood, soy, sunflower and flax seeds in your dietary routine, you will be able to notice the increase in volume.


All of the above mentioned methods require time and dedication. It will not create results over night, nor will they be drastic. However, taking into consideration that plastic surgery is expensive and that you cannot be sure what results it will yield, maybe it’s better to try one non-surgical ways first.


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