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8 Trending Hair Styles to Follow this Year

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A hair style gives the first impression of someone’s image and personality. Good hairstyle boosts your confidence. It can also give or deny you an opportunity. You should choose the right hairstyle, based on the texture and density of your hair.

Below are some of the current trending hairstyles.

1. The bob hairstyle
It is achieved through cutting your hair in either short or long bob. The classic, cuts flexibility keeps it in style. You can style your hair by wearing it wavy, tightly coiled or bone straight. It allows you to cut your hair in different styles such as:

  • Long bob – it is easy to style and wear. It is also a multi-dimensional style. It is styled when the hair is still wet. High volumes of cream are applied to attain finer hair. Combing you hair allows the cream to be evenly distributed. It suits well on a diamond, heart and round face.
  • One length classic bob – you style it on a wet hair and apply a stylish lotion. Use a wide tooth comb to comb through the hair. It leaves you with a flawless skin.
  • Flipping bob – this haircut contains a slight flip on the end.
  • Soft asymmetric lob – gives you an attractive look by adding an asymmetric swing on one side.

2. Use of hair accessories to style your hair
They are hair jewelries that are colorful, gold-like or bold ones used to secure your hair style. There are those that you use them to hold your hair and others to decorate it. Accessories are of different shapes and sizes and are made from different materials. Hairstyle styled with them never goes outdated. They include:

  • Sprinkles of ironed-in gold stars
  • Jaw clip that keeps your long ponytail hair up and out of the way.
  • Pins which are thin curved metal that opens on one side. You use them to secure buns and more formal styles. Some contain ornamentation and others are plain.
  • Stretch combs which are in form of combs and hair bands that stretch around your hair.
  • Barrette used to style your hair by clipping it thus creating a glamorous hairstyle.
  • Clips which are made of metal and range in many colors.
  • Elastics which makes your look great.

3. Natural hair colors
Bright natural hair colors maintain a natural and a healthy hair. You can change it by dying your hair. However, drying strips off your hair’s natural color and the texture. Instead, you can use wigs which will not interfere with your natural color. Trending hairstyle embraces the natural hue since:

  • It easy to maintain in that it does not require special treatments or product to maintain it.
  • It does not pose any problem to your health
  • It saves money and time
  • It is unique

4. Use of curls
They help you to embrace and enhance your natural hair in an up-to-date style. You can curl your hair in different styles by use of curling iron, flat iron, hair rollers and hair scrunching. Also, according to the latest makeup, you can use some lotions and creams to form curls on your hair. They are sold over-the-counter.

5. Wavy bobs hairstyles
You can create waves on your bob hairstyle. Your hair may be having natural waves which can also be enhanced by the use of hot rollers, clipless wand or curling iron. For those with curly hair, the flat iron will help in straightening your hair and also curling it. It allows you to style your hair within a short period of time in case you are in a rush.

6. Use of hair extensions
It is easy to change from your short bob hairstyle to a long-styled hairstyle. You don’t have to wait for years so that your hair can attain the lengths. Hair extensions solve this for you. They give you a natural look.

7. Twist and pull braid made waves
You can create waves on your hair by braiding it while still damp. Sleep with it for an overnight. In the morning unravel your braids leaving behind a wavy hair. You can also use a light spritz of a hair spray. In this case, you use two pieces of hair instead of three pieces or a normal braiding. Diffuse it by use of a dryer so as to have a long lasting twist. Remember to apply cream before diffusing your hair. You can also use bobby pins to secure your twisted braids. You can twist or braid your hair from the root or a few inches below. Apply shine serum on the braid to make sure that all the hair is tamed properly.

8. Wearing wigs
For women with an abundance of courage, a wig is an ideal accessory which can help you frame your face towards the desired look or hairstyle you have perceived in your mind. A wig can offer you a sneak peek into a number of options of hairstyles best suited for your face structure. The best part about wigs is that the hair is soft and feels just like normal hair. Most of them are heat friendly and it therefore gives you the ability to try hairstyles on them, in form of haircuts or color.

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I bet you wouldn’t wish to be left behind in styling your hair. Mentioned are some of the latest hairstyles according to the current trends. Enhance your physical appearance and achieve the fabulous style and boost your confidence and natural beauty.


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