Exhaustion Elimination – Reworking Your Routine to Boost Vitality

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It’s definitely not a good feeling when everything is out of whack and there’s no routine, it can even make sleeping hard. Although, if you have a Koala mattress, sleeping really shouldn’t be an issue. Getting into a routine is crucial for feeling good and staying productive, but when you’re trying to build one from nothing it can be really hard, especially when you lead a busy lifestyle.

Get enough sleep

Going to bed each night at the same time and getting enough sleep throughout the night can be crucial in working out a routine. Sleep deprivation can ruin days for even the healthiest people, it can slow your mind down and make it extremely hard to focus on anything. If you’re sleep deprived, you’re less likely to put much effort into anything except getting home and having a well-deserved nap, which won’t help you when getting started on a routine.


When planning your routine, try and fit in time for a workout.

A morning routine can really help kick off your day in a positive way, and exercise not only helps your physical health, but your mental health too. Exercise can help get those good endorphins out and into your system.

If you can fit in a morning workout it can help you keep your focus throughout the day so you can get everything you need done.  If you have trouble getting motivated to exercise on your own, try to start a workout routine with a close group of friends. That way you can all keep social, healthy, and motivated together.

Eat Better

Junk food can leave you feeling full, bloated and sick, and can also cause health problems in the long run. By cutting out your junk food consumption and eating healthier, natural food, you decrease your risk of illness and also increase your quality of life.

You will be left with more energy to get everything you need done throughout the day without any hard crashes, and your skin and hair will also thank you for it by giving off a healthy glow! Eating better will give you the fuel you need to keep going all day, rather than the short energy boost high that junk food tends to give you.

Stay Motivated

It’s incredibly hard to keep focused and stay motivated on anything, even if you are passionate about it. By staying motivated you can keep pushing through your day to day tasks and kicking goals without any falling behind. Find things that inspire you such as quotes, pictures, or even songs to keep you going if you feel yourself lagging behind on any tasks.

Don’t get lazy

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re trying to re-work your routine is getting lazy with it all. Once you have a routine, it’s best to keep sticking to it and building it to become better. If you do take a day off from your routine, don’t feel bad about it! We’re all entitled to a rest, but make sure you get back to it in the next day or so! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build a routine, but only a couple of days to break the whole thing down completely.

Building a routine is never easy, but don’t let that knock you down!

We all have to start somewhere, so set yourself little goals that are achievable so you can start it off correctly. Make sure to keep feeling good about yourself and everything you already have, and have yet to achieve!


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