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From Twiggy to Rihanna: Converse All-Star Icons

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2017 marks a century of the , and for one hundred years, they have been a staple of both men’s and women’s closets.

Although they started life as a men’s basketball shoe, at some point, the women of the world decided that they wanted in on the action. In an interview with Coupon box, Elizabeth Semmelhack (of the BATA shoe museum in Toronto) stated that Converse found their way into women’s closets because they were a men’s shoe. Indeed, Semmelhack told Coupon box that women have borrowed from their boyfriend’s closets for centuries.

The general style of the AllStar hasn’t changed all that much over the last 100 years, but despite maintaining the classic design, there is now a pair of Chucks for everyone, for every occasion. There’s an abundance of different takes on the classic sneaker: high or low tops, canvas or leather, matt or metallic, simple or neon. We’ve also seen the introduction of All-Star collaborations: Converse has teamed up with some of our favorite brands and designers to bring us both high fashion and wacky chucks.

The Converse All Star is a truly iconic shoe, so it’s no surprise that some of our beloved celebrities have rocked the shoe. Here are some of our favorite All-Star icons:



In the 60s, our favorite British cultural icon would team her emblematic eyelashes and cropped pixie cut with a bright colored pair of Chucks. Who better to pull a men’s basketball shoe into the high-fashion world than Twiggy?

Joan Jett


From the bright colors of the 60s to the dark, grungy 70s, Joan Jett showed us that we don’t have to dress for men to look sexy. She says she wore Chucks because they aren’t pretentious or ostentatious like many of the shoes of the 70s, and boy did she look incredible in them.


Demi Moore


Moving into the 90s, American sweetheart Demi Moore rocked her Chucks. Throughout the years, Demi has changed her look continuously but we reckon she’d still kill it in a pair of All-Stars. 


Winona Ryder


If anyone can pull off the I stole this outfit from my boyfriend’s wardrobe look it’s Winona Ryder, and a pair of Chucks just completes that look. Known as a 90s style icon, Winona is famous for her “out there” fashion choices; from an extremely short pixie cut to rocking up at the Oscars in a $10 vintage dress.

Kristen Stewart


Kristen’s style has often been compared to that of Joan Jett, so obviously she’s going to own a pair or two of All-Stars. In an interview with Perez Hilton, Kristen also admitted that one of the reasons she loves Converse so much is because they’re comfortable and she wants to be able to spend time signing autographs for fans. Aw.



Queen of R&B Rihanna is our final All-Star icon. Back in 2012, her signature style was a cute skirt with a pair of Converse sneakers, and since then, despite her style taking a completely different turn, she’s still spotted rocking her Chucks.

The break-up Rhianna never got over!

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