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How to Wear Sequin Patterns During the Day

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New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and many ladies can’t wait to wear their sparkling dresses and make their looks festive with glittering makeup. In 2016, we also saw sequined dresses as a part of the metallic wedding trend in various beautiful cuts and forms.

However, sequin patterns are suitable for daytime too: you just need to incorporate them tastefully so that you don’t end up looking like a disco ball or wear something too revealing or inappropriate. There’s more than one way to do that: read on to find your fashion inspiration.

For a casual day in the city

Whether you have some things you need to get done in the city or you simply want to enjoy the sunny day – you can make sequins a part of your outfit. Giving the fact that sequin scales are drawing enough attention by themselves, you need to tone down the rest of your outfit and make sure you don’t overdo it. If you opt for a silver sequin mini skirt, choose a large monochromatic oversized sweater and partially tuck it in. Avoid heavy jewelry and shiny accessories.


You can wear an infinity scarf to balance out your outfit: for example, if you choose to wear a brick red sweater and grey tights, your scarf can be in some shade of grey. Add a nice cross-body purse and ankle boots or Oxford shoes – and you’ll end up with a lovely feminine casual look.

For a stylish day at the office

Believe it or not, you can make sequin patterns a part of your business outfit. The key is in choosing work-appropriate cuts and sequins that are matte. Find a high waisted sequin skirt (e.g. black or navy) that follows your bodyline nicely and is knee-length. Wear a classic white blouse you’ll tuck in, or a turtleneck. This cut is a perfect choice for emphasizing your waistline. If you’d prefer, you can also wear body shapers underneath the skirt, if you are looking for to furter the slender lines of your waist.


If you want to incorporate sequins in a more subtle way, do it through small details. Choose a sleeveless black, knee-length dress with a lovely sequined collar. Accompany this feminine look with a pair of beautiful shoes: opt for classic black flats (loafers make a nice choice) that will make your outfit more professional and stylish. A structured bag will be a perfect finish for this office look.

For a lunch with the family

To elevate your outfit from plain to casual-chic, choose one eye-catching shiny item. Remember Michael Jackson’s black sequin jacket? There are plenty of similar ones on the market.


The cropped jackets are trend this year: choose a light shade (e.g. beige or tan) and wear it on top of a simple cotton shirt. Choose your favourite jeans as bottoms and a pair of leather boots. Add a nice wide belt within the same colour range as the boots, and a leather rucksack – and you’re done coming up with a cute, laidback look.

For a semi-formal day party

Day parties are fun but they also might be a bit tricky when it comes to choosing the right outfit. You will probably be sipping some cocktails, enjoy a great atmosphere and mingle but still – the daylight prevents you from putting too much makeup or wearing something too short. A perfect solution for your fashion dilemma: choose silver or black sequin maxi skirt. This is a chic and with a pair of classic stilettos – you’ll create a head-turning look. Opt for a simple ivory chiffon blouse and a black clutch purse.


If you’re not that big of a fan of the black-white combo, break it by incorporating a colour of your choice: a red clutch purse, perhaps? Connect the outfit altogether by wearing a lipstick in the same shade.

If you don’t like sparkling scales, you can find various prints which are enriched with shiny threads or tiny sequins. Feel free to experiment: as you can see – it’s possible to wear these outfits during the day and they offer you a chance to tastefully stand out from the crowd.


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