Shindig Shenanigans | 6 Ways to Set Up the Ultimate Indoor Party

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There is little things more rewarding or more fun than planning a successful party. Whether you’re getting together with your loved ones and celebrating a momentous occasion, or simply just catching up, a party is a great way to replenish the soul and reinvigorate relationships with those around you. Often, parties thrown indoors can require a slightly different planning technique. With the help of Sydney photo booth hire company, Platinum Snap, we’ve put together 6 ways you can set up the ultimate indoor party.

  1. Don’t over (or under) invite

Depending on how big the space you have to throw your party is, you will need to fill it with the perfect amount of guests. Too many people, and the space will become sweaty and crowded and your guests will become frustrated and flustered. Too little patrons and the area will feel awkward, oversized and guests will become uncomfortable. Think about how big the area of your home or venue is, and just how many people would make that area socially buzzing but still comfortable to move around in.

  1. Utilize the space for activities

Because of the protection of a party being indoors, you will be able to incorporate many more activities than if the party were outdoors. For example, you could capture the memories of a great night by hiring a photo booth. Coming equipped with props and personalized photo strips, a photo booth ensures your guests can let their hair down and have a memory to take home with them. If belting out tunes is more your style, why not hire a karaoke set for all your friends to test their best singing skills on?

  1. Make a playlist that will last all night long

There is nothing more sterile and awkward than silence at a party. Avoid any uncomfortable silences by making sure you’ve got a playlist that lasts well over the party’s expected duration. As well as this, people will want to skip songs and request their own tunes, so make sure you’ve got a good selection of what you think your guests will want to hear.

  1. Have plenty of food and drink

Parties usually mean dancing, drinking alcohol, or exerting yourself in one way or another. For this reason, it is important for the safety of your guests that you have more than enough food and drink on hand, including water and non-alcoholic beverages. Your guests need to be satiated and hydrated, so remember the rule when catering: too much is better than not enough!

  1. Get some help with the clean up

Of course, an outdoor party usually means that there is less mess or, at the very least, that it is easier to clean up. An indoor party means that people will be walking around your home or the venue with their shoes on, probably spilling items of food and drink. Don’t stress – that is normal, to be expected and easily remedied. However, many hands make light work! So rope in some family members or friends to help you with the clean up the day after to alleviate some stress.

Don’t let your next party be a dud. Give you and your loved ones the night you deserve by planning the ultimate event. Incorporate some fun activities, concoct the perfect guest list and make sure there is plenty of food, drinks and music to dance to. Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to have a good time!

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