Studying abroad: best student-friendly cities to consider

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Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. You are pushed out of your comfort zone which enables you to grow, meet new people, become more independent, and have a taste of a new piece of the world. When searching for the right destination, you certainly check the universities’ ranking and the courses that will help you further educate yourself in the desired field. But what about the general lifestyle the city has to offer? Check out the list of the most student-friendly places around the globe and set off to an adventure!

Paris, the city of light 

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Paris has 18 prestige universities with Sorbonne being the most famous one. In the previous years, tuition fees averaged around €2.300 which is seen as a reasonable price for top-quality classes. Aside from the expensive accommodation, life in Paris is cheap for international students. There are student restaurants where you can eat for a pretty low price (around €4). Cultural offer is what gets students the most: you can go to a world-class concert for €10, experience famous art in Louvre, or soak in the city’s spirit and feel its important status in Europe.

Melbourne, vibrant Victoria’s capital

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There is a total of eight universities in Melbourne (most of them are located near the city’s center), all of which offer great courses in numerous fields of study. It is famous for the student diversity and multiculturalism. The clash of different cultures spawned great art – be it street graffiti, amazing fashion, or festivals (e.g. Melbourne Fringe Festival). Accommodation is typically affordable (around €250 per week) away from the city center. The good news is there is a well-established transportation network. If you get tired of the city (which is unlikely), you can easily go and visit amazing getaway spots nearby (e.g. Dandenong Ranges, Lorne, or Phillip Island).

Tokyo, a place of opportunities

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Tokyo has been recognized as an amazing student city due to its internship opportunities and chances for further career development. Universities are packed with professors that are renown for making breakthrough discoveries. They typically have extracurricular activities called circles that gather students of similar interests. Joining these circles is a great way to get to know the parts of Japanese culture, such as anime or kabuki. Tokyo is famous for the amazing cuisine which you can enjoy in wallet-friendly student cafeterias, along with Western food. Skytree and the Tokyo Tower are two best-known sightseeing spots. The overall cultural offer is great.


Brisbane, a sunny student paradise

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With winters that rarely bring the temperature below 20°C, studying in Brisbane feels like going on a vacation that never ends. The city is a home to over 80,000 international students and 190 internationally recognized education institutions. Many newcomers choose to stay at the student accommodation in Brisbane in order to meet new people, make their stay more meaningful, and save a few bucks by sharing a place. There is a dynamic nightlife to enjoy filled with great music, restaurants, and unique cafes. In August, the city gets especially vivid with the nine-day agricultural Royal Queensland Show where you can savor locally produced food and carnival activities.

New York, where things happen

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The Big Apple is one of the most diverse spots around the world, making it a great destination for international students. It truly captures the essence of the global village: from Chinatown to Little Italy – it makes you feel as a part of the world. In addition to famous private universities (e.g. the New York City University or the Columbia University), it has great public ones. Tuition fees are within the range of $12.000 to around $50.000 and up, depending on the chosen college. There’s plenty to see and experience, including the big celebrations such as the New Year’s Eve on the Times Square. Nearly half of the international students choose to extend their visas and stay here. It’s not a surprise considering the opportunities on the Wall Street, in the Silicon Alley, major fashion magazines, or renown non-profits.

London, outstanding academic center  

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The UK’s capital accommodates over 100.000 international students per year. It can boast with supporting the education of over 70 Nobel Prize Laureates and discoveries such as Penicillin and DNA. With over 120 libraries, London offers you a stimulative study environment that makes you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. University of London, Cambridge, and Oxford are considered to be among the world’s finest. Culture-lovers will be pleased to here there are over 1000 museums and galleries (e.g. British Museum, National Gallery, Science Museum): some are free-entry, others offer valuable student discounts. Of course, let’s not forget the famous landmarks such as Big Ben, London Tower, and Tower Bridge.  

From their rich culture, top-ranked universities, career options they hide to opportunities for personal growth and expanding your social network – these cities certainly make the college days more exciting.







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