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Stylish Moms Do Exist

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Between breastfeeding, changing diapers, making bottles, continuous laundry, PTA meetings, soccer games, meal making, a life of a mother can be tiresome (lets not forget sleepless nights). Most mothers tend to throw on whatever comfy clothes that are laying around. They choose these clothes for any of the following reasons: A. They are too tired to put together an outfit, B. They don’t make the time for themselves (yes, dressing well is for YOU), or C. They rather spend the money on their children or home (dressing well doesn’t mean spending a lot of money).

So, is it possible to be a busy mom AND a well dressed, stylish woman? Of course! It’s not oil and water. Stylish moms do exist. The important factor is to find comfortable, yet stylish pieces. These will make one feel put together. When in doubt, stick with the basics. These basics can be accessorized as well. So even when you’re exhausted, putting together an outfit can be easy.

A few easy, yet stylish pieces that can be worn this Winter:

The Sweater Dress


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A sweater dress is warm, comfortable, and versatile. Dress it up with a statement necklace or silk scarf. Make it office appropriate with a blazer. The styling options are endless.

The Cardigan Duster

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Wear a cardigan sweater duster over a basic tee and a pair of your favorite jeans. This sweater is also warm, comfortable, and versatile. It can double as a jacket too.

Tall Boots

fashion-womens style

Whether over the knee or thigh high, these boots can pull an outfit together. Wear these boots flat or with a heel. Either way, they can be worn with many different outfits.







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