Top 5 Reasons to Explore the Windward Islands by Yacht

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Like all the archipelagos of the Caribbean, the Windward Islands are best explored on a super yacht. Promising endless freedom, luxury, and adventure, a yacht charter is the ultimate way to float through paradise, dropping anchor where you please.

But the question still remains: What makes the Windward Islands so special for yacht charters? And why would you choose this particular tropical archipelago for your yacht charter over other popular Caribbean cruising grounds, such as the Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands, or the Bahamas?


We asked Worth Avenue Yachts, Caribbean cruising experts in all these regions, to come up with 5 reasons why you should choose a Windward Islands yacht charter over any other on your next yachting vacation.


  1. Their beauty is more volcanic, more lush, and more pristine. No-one ever forgets their first glimpse of Saint Lucia—those emerald green volcanoes rising out of the deep blue water, a ribbon of white sand meeting sapphire waters in the shallows. Also of volcanic origin is the eco-paradise island of Dominica, where steam hisses from the earth in the jungle and boiling crater lakes sit high over mountain valleys.More mountainous beauty is found in French Martinique, where you can eat croissants at pavement cafes and anchor in the shadow of a giant volcano, and once again in the Grenadines, where you’ll find brightly painted houses nestled under the rainforest palms, plantation houses in the rolling hills, and colorful fishing boats pulled up on pretty beaches.St Lucia-travel.jpg
  2. The diving and snorkeling are tremendous. In Dominica, the volcanic, nutrient rich waters create an explosion of life, from more than 20 species of whales to sea turtles, rays, and schools of gleaming tuna. St Lucia offers superb snorkeling, as does the famous Tobago Cays, where there’s a stunning horseshoe reef with a marine reserve full of sea turtles. Grenada’s diving and snorkeling is legendary, and there’s the extra allure of the Underwater Sculpture Park.
  3. They are uncrowded. While other yachts queue in the bay of Saint Bart’s in their hundreds in the hope of getting into Gustavia Harbor, in the Windward Islands you can expect secluded anchorages and top berths, even in peak yachting season.
  4. They are lands lost in time. As you float deeper south, you discover a quieter, less developed Caribbean. The authentic, laid-back vibe of Caribbean life is more tangible in these idyllic islands—whether you’re buying spices at a market in the Grenadines, smelling the Creole chicken frying at a beach barbeque, or dancing to calypso music in one of Trinidad’s street festivals.beaches-vacation
  5. They offer total relaxation away from the madding crowd. The exclusive islands of Mustique and Bequia may be the end word in glamour, but you won’t find the wild casinos and waterslides of Nassau, or the giant shopping malls of Saint Thomas in the Windward Islands. Instead, you’ll find breathtaking scenery and deserted beaches.

We believe, above all, the Windward Islands are the ultimate getaway for those who would like to escape the modern world for a while and venture into a tropical Eden of jungle, mountains, crystal clear seas, and coral reefs.


Written by:  Jo Morgan



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