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2017 Fashion Style: Pantone Colors of the Year

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From interior to fashion designers, all eyes are on the top Pantone color choices for 2017. And Pantone met everyone’s expectations perfectly. The top 10 colors they put on pedestal for the beginning of 2017 are vibrant, bright, calming and beautiful in your home and your outfits. So, let’s take a look at these amazing shades and what you can do to incorporate them into your own style.

Lapis Blue

Womens fashion- 2017

The richness of this blue shade is perfect for both casual and more elegant occasions. This deep blue color will make for a fabulous statement piece in your street style looks. But when you think about a ball gown or bustier dress in this shade, you better be sure that all eyes will be on you.


Womens fashion- 2017

Greenery is to be loved and celebrated, which can be seen in interior and exterior trends, return to nature and new mindset when it comes to Zen culture and benefits of plants. In that respect, is there a more perfect color for your top, jacket or jumper dress?


Womens fashion- 2017

Another lovely shade of blue, with an interesting mix of pastel and gray tones is there to remind that denim will always be a timeless trend in beauty industry. Not to mention that one can have as much freedom as possible with this shade, making it represent their gentle nature or fierce side.

Island Paradise

Womens fashion- 2017

A perfect blue shade that’s vibrant and cool at the same time is a great addition to Pantone’s spring color palette. Reminiscent of clear sky and crystal waters, this is definitely something that would create its greatest impact when incorporated in lace details and other similar intricate garments.


Womens fashion- 2017

Greenery is a more vibrant shade compared to Kale. It brings a breath of fresh air in the newfound love for nature. It’s definitely more on the bold side for people who like their greens, which makes it a perfect detail to break plain outfits when used in blazers, cardigans and other, more formal looking garments.


Womens fashion- 2017

This incredible mix of red and orange fused together in the fiery shade called Flame is definitely for those of you who love to be noticed wherever you go. Be it your top, bodycon dress or flowy skirt, flame will show the strength of your personality and that attractive confidence perfectly.

Pink Yarrow

Womens fashion- 2017

A darker but not less vibrant pink is a great way to add some cool tones to your wardrobe. Regardless of whether you shop in your local stores or online shops like Rockmans, you won’t be able to skip this shade since its popularity is only going to grow in 2017. From your underwear to your lipstick, you can’t go wrong with Pink Yarrow.

Pale Dogwood

Womens fashion- 2017

Pantone hasn’t forgotten about the importance of soft shades, and especially those with pink undertones. Therefore, Pale Dogwood is your perfect pinkish nude that would make any cardigan, top and skater skirt fit for a true princess.

Primrose Yellow


Say hello to sun in 2017 by rocking this gorgeous yellow shade as your top or, even better, as your accessories. Just imagine how much fun you can have when color-blocking with this particular shade both in your interior and your stylish looks.



Womens fashion- 2017

Pantone knows that sometimes it’s important to be on the safe side which is precisely why Hazelnut is included in the top 10 colors to mark 2017. The perfect brownish nude is appropriate for more stylish formal outfits but also those who love to rock the office chic as their casual wear on daily basis.

Do you have your favorite colors from the Pantone’s top ten and have you already tried mixing them up and incorporating them into your own outfits? With Pantone, it’s not only about individual shades but the easiness to combine and match them together for a truly fresh and modern look.





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