5 Incredible Fashion Trends That Will Be in for 2017

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Another secret under the sun in this stylish world is spicing up your mind with the most coveted trends before they blow up on your way to a fashion forward look. Have you thought about spicing up your lifestyle with the line up of obsessions in 2017? This is the right time to do that. The following is the trends prediction of what you must have as a lover of fashion. Hurry up and score these picks before everybody.

  1. The Athletic wear.

This trend has taken over like never before. It started in 2013 from the movement of the sad boys. Many teens this past year have fallen in love with the new hip fashion. The reason why this athletic wear is predicted is because it has endured many changes over the years without being forgotten. It has emerged with celebrity styles and great demand. It has been predicted that this trend of fashion will still glow more in the year 2017 as many teens are falling in love with it.

  1. The 70S Decade.

Old is gold. As many might dislike a fashion trend that really glowed in the years back, they do not know that some unique features of the past trending fashion can still have a nice taste. The moment you get it everyone would want to know where you got it. The mustard yellows and burnt orange are among the things you could count.

The dusty velvet suits can really capture attention in case you try them. Such exceptional looks will make everybody to wish they would have had something vintage like that. If only they could know that it was once a fashion trend that was swallowed up by time then they would know that the 70S decade is important too. That velvet pants, a floppy sun hat together with a striped shirt is all you need to go.

  1. Natural Hair.

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What are your perceptions on your natural hair? Do you love your natural hair as it is? Recently, the spirit of accepting who we really are by appreciating our natural beauty was the trend of the day. Self-acceptance does not only concern the body but also the hair. Everyone is ranting on the new look of the natural hair and doesn’t want to complicate it. The glowing warmth of natural hair colours has become the center of attraction with people trying to make short pixie cuts with cute frames that make the checks rock it.

  1. Cat Eye Frames.

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Sunglasses have been loved lately by their glaring one on its kind look, with cat eye frames seen across shops and down the streets. We have the neon types, metallic and lovely classic colors like white, turtle shell and black. Classic is universal and can blend with anything you own and not bore as people think. Everybody would love to have sunglasses and this trending fashion makes it the epitome of attraction in the year 2017.

  1. Flare

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This is another trend that proves fashion recycles itself. Many people turn their backs against past fashion trends then they slowly make a comeback to them without noticing. Bell bottoms are one of the trends that designers are bringing back and many appreciate this. The professionally flared pant is the trend for 2017.

It is very important to have the knowledge not only of the latest fashion but also the coming trend in order to be updated and to prepare yourself. Following the latest trend makes one feel important, sharp and confident about you.



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