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New Cladonia Travel Guide

by Philippe AMIOT, Source:

Imagine waking up and realizing that you are in the middle of one of those perfect computer seashore wallpapers, where the sky is clear, the sea is perfectly blue and few fishing boats are getting lost in a horizon you always looked at with an incredible admiration. Now add hearing French on every corner and you will get this perfect southwest Pacific paradise – New Caledonia.

Things you need to know

The capital city is Noumea, and it has a population of around 280 000 people, with majority being European, Polynesian, Indonesian and Vietnamese. This city lies on a deep-water harbor, which is in the same time a chief port for New Caledonia. Ok, so we’re done with the formalities, let’s switch to the fun part shall we?

New Caledonia Travel Guide

by Philippe AMIOT, Source:


Instead of using airport coach transfers, opt for a cheaper and a much easier option which is a hired car transport. 


There’s an ATM on the airport, and you will need XPF 150 (1 USD is 112 XPF) for the road toll from and to the airport. If you can, try avoiding using credit cards as a form of payment.
When it comes to costs, croissants are approximately XPF 100, cheese 70, six pack of beer is around 600 and baguettes are usually 500. If you want to buy fruits and vegetables, go to the market instead of supermarkets because it will be a lot cheaper option.

New Caledonia Travel Guide

by Philippe AMIOT, Source:

Things to see

New Caledonia, besides her beautiful scenery, has a lot more must-see things to offer. Some of them are:

Amedée’s towering lighthouse

Make this your top priority for visiting because it is one of the tallest lighthouses in the entire world and has enormous historical importance. It was created during reign of the amazing Napoleon and it was transported here piece by piece. You will have a great and an exhausting time climbing 247 steps to enjoy the most amazing view on the entire island.

Explore the coast

In the sea of splendid villages filled with pleasant local people and beautiful edifices, you will find a village Yate, where you will see waterfalls, lakes, beautiful beaches etc.
Make sure that you check Cook’s Bay beach which is covered in shells and rightfully called one of the most beautiful places in the world.

New Caledonia Travel Guide

by Philippe AMIOT, Source:

Tjibaou Cultural center Noumea

This is a museum which celebrates the Kanak culture and it is a perfect mixture of modern architecture and ancient Kanak tradition.

Things to do

Admire the unique flora and fauna

Since this island has a unique climate and is isolated, you will witness one of the most distinctive flora and fauna in the entire world. You can opt for bird watching, eco tours (where you will learn all about the diverse wildlife) and many other amazing learning activities. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Noumea train ride

You will experience the relaxing tourist train ride where you will enjoy outstanding city views, beach views and meet the locals.

Enjoy the Kuto beach

This incredible white-sand beach is the perfect place for individuals, couples and families. You can play with coconuts, swim and snorkel in this incredible turquoise water, and later relax in the beach bar.

New Caledonia Travel Guide

by Philippe AMIOT, Source:

Eating out

Noumea is filled with many different top quality French cuisine restaurants like La Paparazzi, Rimba Cafe, Duke etc. Rimba is the cheapest one, La Paparazzi and Duke are perfect for families since they offer enormous kid’s meals (you can divide one meal between two kids) and they also provide your little ones with some crayons and paper so they don’t get bored.
If you’re more of a fussy eater, fear not, there are various popular food brands in the local supermarket.

That would be it. Try working on your French a little bit before coming, just in case and there’s no need to wish you a nice vacation, because here you will definitely have it. Bon voyage!



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