Byronesque Pays Homage to Fashion Rebels With a Limited T-Shirt Collection.

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Over recent years, there has been a drastic change in consumer behavior embodied in recently emerged fashion lines. When we look at brands and fashion designers in retrospect we realize there is a sort of consumer linked cult culture. This is your mom who only shops Coach bags and your hype beast of a boyfriend that shops Vetements and HBA religiously. With Vetements just being a clothes brand that innovates what is actually being worn in the streets to the runway making garments albeit expensive and trendy, literally takes fashion consumerism to the next realm. If we continue to succumb to this idealistic consumer based collective consciousness, we are only letting the fast fashion parasite reach places where we were afraid they would. Buying garments that are meant to be worn for a season and only a season because they are mainly appreciated only for that season, and soon after well it’s just dated. This formula has unfortunately been proven to work and bring revenue which all is due in part of the hype surrounding unprecedented pieces, it’s good for business, which keeps cult members coming back for more.

With this in mind, Byronesque the online vintage editorial based e-commerce platform and personal shopping app have released a limited edition t-shirt collection. A series of conscientious fashion rebels who have transformed but most of all transcended the idealistic view of well-crafted fashion. The designs are a celebration of subculture’s most revered fashion rebels, Byronesque’s mission to the world is to inspire people to stand against banality and mediocrity of pop culture’s statistics and selfies. A “rise above the rest“view that is equally orchestrated in both image and values alike.

Byronesque specializes in COMME des GARÇONS, Alaïa, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Maison Martin Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto, early Helmut Lang and other like-minded designs that offer a more meaningful alternative to fast-fashion and outdated nostalgia. What ultimately makes Byronesque so great is that even though vintage fashion dealing has also been a lucrative business, it has never been done on this level.

The designs have been meticulously curated by Byronesque Editor in Cheif, Gill Linton, and the company’s Creative Director Justin Westover, in association with ‘ dream team ‘ T-shirt pioneers Life in Perfect Disorder AKA LPD. This brilliant ring came up with a limited edition of distressed vintage t-shirts that are a significant moment in each designer’s fashion history, the date and aesthetic characters chosen by Linton herself, but HURRY the limited edition collection only has a total of 200 shirts, a promising ” future vintage ” archive for your closet. They are not concerned with selling in a supermarket-like fashion. It is simply too cool for any of that. This is still in some level haute couture, after all.

Linton spoke on the shirts and cleverly stated, “Each T-shirt is like wearing a fashion editorial. Everything from the date to the print, even the color and wear and tear of each T-shirt has been hand selected to tell a story about the designers who have made an important contribution to the fashion industry. What better way to pay homage to our vintage heroes? “

Byronesque has also designed a series of one-of-a-kind prints that captures the iconic history of each designer in more detail. These designs are available for sale exclusively on, while

the main collection is available in stores and online through a high-profile roster of retail partners including and Assembly NYC & LA and will retail from $350.00. Each perfectly distressed T-shirt has been sourced by one of Byronesque’s vintage specialist partners, Patrick Matamoros of Chapel NYC, and critically acclaimed fashion illustrator, Jessica May Underwood has brought the designs to life in a series of illustrations.

On sourcing the T-shirts for Byronesque, Matamoros says, “Authentic vintage blank T-shirts of this quality is rare and hard to find which is why they are in such high demand. At this point in the fashion history, they are as special as the designer collection Byronesque are celebrating”

The collection includes:

The Antwerp 6 T-shirts reflect the dark, gothic influence of Antwerp itself, with spots color for the unusual combinations of Walter Van Beirendonck and Dries Van Noten’s designs.

Halston 54 is designed with silver foil to mark Halston’s impact on the Studio 54 era. Suitably each T-shirt is very sheer in the same way most Halston’s women were half naked at the club.

Kawakubo’s most notorious early collection from 1982 was full of holes. Fondly titled the “Gruyère cheese” collection, each t-shirt is equally distressed.

With the most famous signature in fashion, a fetish for draping and pockets the Yamamoto series are uniquely pocket T-shirts and feature the YY from DD/MM/YY.

Westwood and McLaren pit their most controversial Tits and Gay Cowboy prints against each other, while Montana, who won the fashion Oscars in ’85 and who was inspired by S&M is printed in a texturized rubber.

Petri is a special tribute to The Face Magazine and Buffalo stylist, Ray Petri, and finally, Byronesque celebrates Spouse with his famous back to front neon graffiti print that debut in ’83.

In other words, these T-shirt’s quality does not compare to the 150 dollars screen printed Gildan t-shirt you bought from Kanye West’s  overly hyped Life Of Pablo Merch. Not to go off topic here but did you know what those Gildan shirts cost at wholesale value? I’ll tell you – around $1.50 – 4.00 UDS. That’s a 5.8-8.5x markup… for Gildan. So to come back, just always keep in mind that it is quality over quantity. Buy less, but choose well.


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