Dubai hosts special yoga workshops to reverse the aging process

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Dubai is hosting special yoga workshops to help participants reverse the aging process. The workshops are based on the comprehensive system of Kundalini yoga that provides integrated experience of yogic knowledge and practices to maintain balance, enhance physical and psychological strength and reduce “stress and anxiety” that are among the key factors of the aging process.
“The workshops utilize the power of the ancient 7 chakra system of Kundalini yoga that increases vitality, enhances health and facilitates energy flow where each chakra or energy center is responsible for specific physical, emotional and personality features.”, said Nizar Saab, the Kundalini Yoga Instructor teaching the workshops.
He added that the practice includes various yoga sets and poses targeting specific body parts that have significant impact on the aging process especially the spine. The sessions comprise various stretching and relaxing exercises for lower back, thighs, abs and other body parts, special breathing exercises and chakra meditations to reduce “stress and anxiety, increase energy and vitality.
The” yoga for anti-aging” workshops will be running for 4 weeks where each workshop starts by special anti-aging yoga sets followed by specific breathing exercises to calm the mind, Mudras (hand positions), Bandhas (body locks to facilitate energy flow) and meditation practices to increase energy flow across various body parts.
Kundalini yoga is the most powerful form of yoga that increases energy and vitality. The research shows that Kundalini yoga gives faster results up to 16 times in comparison with other forms of yoga.
The class is taught by the leading Kundalini Yoga Instructor Nizar Saab who has been practicing and teaching kundalini Yoga over the last 30 years. Nizar is also the founder of the Awakening Meditation (AM) technique, the simple and easy technique to reduce “stress and anxiety”, practiced for only 5 minutes per day, with eyes closed or open, while sitting, or lying down, or walking, or standing. Awakening Meditation allows the individual to enjoy a relaxing and soothing experience while maintaining ongoing access to unlimited source of power and creativity.
The workshops will be held every Sunday starting from Sunday, 5 February 2017, 6.30-7.30 pm at Sonata Art Center, Mazaya Business Avenue AA1, 2202, Jumeirah Lakes Towers.
Fees: 4 classes @AED 300, one class @ AED 80

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