Five Morning Tips to Prepare for the Day

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Are most of your mornings spent running out the door with breakfast in-hand, and applying your makeup on-the-go? It’s easy to snooze, and rush all the way to work – but building a routine that gives you a calm and efficient morning can make you feel more prepared to take on your day. If you haven’t nailed it yet, don’t fret.

To celebrate the similarities and differences of women’s routines, the team at Carefree is offering some tips to make mornings easier.

Rise and shine.

Do you hit the snooze button one too many times? Avoid being late again. Place your alarm out of reach so that in order to turn it off, you have to get out of bed. If you use your phone to wake up, consider setting your alarm tone to a song that annoys you — you’ll be happy to get out of bed to make it stop!

You may not have time for a full workout in the morning, but moving a bit upon getting out of bed can get the blood flowing, help wake you up and give you a metabolism boost. Start the day with a few stretches and body weight exercises, such as lunges and planks.

Perk up.

Perk up with a morning ritual that activates your mind. Enjoy your cup of coffee or green tea alongside a brain teaser, Sodoku or crossword puzzle. Or spend the time writing a journal entry, scanning the morning headlines, or reading a chapter of a book. Taking a few moments to warm up the mind can encourage greater productivity all day long.

Eliminate bed head.

You can shave substantial minutes off your morning routine by doing your hair the night before. After washing and conditioning your locks, leave hair up in buns or clips while sleeping. In the morning, undo the up-do and use a little spray before heading out the door.

Makeup magic.

When there’s no time for a full morning makeover, stick to the basics. Start with a moisturizer with SPF so you can protect your skin and keep it hydrated. Use under eye concealer to easily eliminate any signs of fatigue. If you do need to abbreviate the full eye makeup routine, don’t omit a quick coat of mascara, which can help you look wider-eyed and more awake with a few seconds of effort. Lastly, give lips shine and protect them from chapping with a lip balm that preferably contains SPF.

Be Free to Be You.

Feminine care is one routine element that links all women. It’s a part of life, and as we all know – it’s not always predictable. “Liner Up!” every morning with Carefree Acti-Fresh liners, which are soft, thin and absorbent enough to go unnoticed, helping you feel confident as you go throughout your day. It is easy to incorporate them into your daily regimen by storing them in your underwear drawer—you will never forget to give yourself a layer of protection again.



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