How Women’s Concepts of Beauty are Changing

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The modern age has expanded the scope of what Americans consider beautiful, while at the same time, it has also introduced social media — an ever-present reminder of one’s appearance.

In an effort to better understand these shifts, L’Oréal Paris recently commissioned a study with Ipsos engaging women on the topic and shared some top insights on this beauty evolution.

Changing Values

Women are changing how they view beauty to be a more holistic, progressive and optimistic vision. A majority of women see beauty differently than they did 10 years ago. They believe beauty is about progress — not perfection — and are optimistic about continuing to be beautiful as they age.

Most surveyed admit that while women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s used to be considered to “look old,” women of the same age today are “in their prime.” Furthermore, beauty standards have changed and expanded as we’ve become a more culturally diverse, global community.

Skincare still “Worth It”

While many factors play a role in beauty, the care and appearance of skin determines how beautiful a woman feels, according to the survey respondents, particularly in the social media age. Beauty routines can be time-consuming; however, women strongly believe the skin care element is “worth it.”

“We’re seeing a major shift in routines of millennial women. Four out of the five skincare products used are cleansers. This is dramatically different from what we saw in the past,” says Dr. Rocio Rivera, L’Oréal Paris director of scientific communications.

Among the top regimens women are incorporating into their skincare is the use of at-home facial masks that cleanse and beautify skin by absorbing oils and impurities.

“I am often asked ‘what are little ways to make a difference at home?’ Hands-down a mask is usually the answer,” says Vanessa Hernandez, celebrity esthetician. “Finding one tailored for your skin type is so important and from there, it’s like a mini facial in the comfort of your home.”

To find one tailored for you, first determine your skin type. The Pure-Clay Masks from L’Oréal, for example, are made from clay minerals sourced globally and are offered in three varieties for specific skin needs — whether you want to reduce excess shine, reduce dull skin and even out skin tone, or exfoliate and tighten pores.

Inner Beauty

How women feel on the inside dictates how beautiful they feel overall. When describing what makes them beautiful, the women surveyed described a number of emotional traits — and these qualities vary by generation.

Growing confidence is important to Millennials as they move from their 20s to 30s. There is hope among them that they will continue to grow stronger and healthier. For boomers, staying active and feeling young is important to them as they age. Personality, however, is timeless. Women of all ages and ethnicities believe their outlook on life is a huge part of what makes them feel beautiful, concluded the researchers.

From new skincare habits to new outlooks, women are viewing beauty differently these days and taking different steps to achieve it.


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