Hair Styling Tools for 2017

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Title: Hair Styling Tools for 2017
Everyone is on the hunt for the latest gadgets for 2017. Some people are looking for a new phone, some people are looking for the latest television, and some are looking for the latest hi-tech tools for hairstyling.

If you’re in the latter group, the good news is that there’s a decent chance you already have one of the necessary tools for 2017, you just get to use them in a new way. But there’s also a few new products that might be worth a splurge.

Check out these hair gizmos you need to keep your ‘do looking it’s best for the year to come.

The Smart Brush
In a way, 2017 seems late in the game for a smart hairbrush, but nevertheless, we’ve had to wait until this year for our chance at advanced hair technology. Nokia’s new smart hairbrush, The Hair Coach, monitors the health of your hair, and sends reports back to your phone through an app. Tiny microphones attached to the bristles on the smart brush can determine a variety of hair issues, including dryness, damage, breakage, and even tangles. Other sensors on the brush track your brushing habits to make sure you’re treating your hair right.

Unfortunately this kind of advanced hair technology doesn’t come cheap. The smart brush is set to hit shelves later this year with a steep price tag of $200.

Your Straight Iron
The trusty flat iron helped all of us through the years when straight as a board hairstyles were all the rage, and today, it’s coming back to help us through a new trend—tight waves.

You can easily use your straightener to curl your hair, it just takes a bit of practice. Start by using a one inch flat iron, and section the hair off into equal, one inch size pieces. Clamp down on the hair, curl slightly, and pull through the length of the hair. Alternate the direction of the pull on each section, and before you know it you have a full head of beautiful bouncy waves.

Hair Crimper
Believe it or not, crimped hair is coming back, but it’s getting an upgrade. Instead of the kinky, frizzy look from the ’90s, today’s look is all about silky, tight curls, and deep, smooth waves. Most of us probably have a crimper we can use for the tighter curls, but if you need one for the deeper waves you can easily snag it for less than fifty dollars.

Use some light hairspray to hold the look throughout the day, or you can run your fingers through the finished feel a few times to give it that casual, tousled look.

Whether you want to reuse your old tools, or splurge on a new appliance, you can’t go wrong with these fun hairstyling products. Which one will you plug in this year?

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